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Agnisakshi Upcoming Story: Satvik gives a fitting reply to Rajnandini!

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Colors TV’s popular show Agnisakshi is preparing for more drama. Rajnandini has caused a misunderstanding between Satvik and Jeevika. However, secretly, Jeevika is helping Satvik finish his project. It will be interesting to see what unfolds in the future episodes.

In the previous episode, Satvik discovers that Utkarsh is actually normal and was pretending to be sick. Satvik accuses Jeevika of hiding the truth from him. Jeevika explains that she had made a promise to Utkarsh.

Jeevika tells Satvik that he shouldn’t blindly believe the culprit’s innocence. She shows him a video of Rajnandini. Satvik is shocked by what he sees. Meanwhile, Juhi confronts Rajnandini to find out the truth about her revenge plans against the Bosle family.

Satvik considers exposing Rajnandini, but Utkarsh presents evidence that he was married to Rajnandini’s older sister, Ritima, who is currently in her custody. Utkarsh reveals that Rajnandini wants revenge for her parents’ death, and he was responsible for Savithri’s death.

In the upcoming episode, Rajnandini will tell Latha that she couldn’t become a mother because of Utkarsh’s medical condition, but Jeevika has always had problems. Satvik is surprised to hear about Rajnandini’s complaints about Jeevika. He wonders if this is a recent development or if she has always had issues with everyone in the family.

What will happen next? How will Satvik react when Jeevika leaves him? Will Satvik uncover the truth?

To find out what happens next on your favorite show, Agnisakshi Ek Samjhauta, stay tuned to this space.


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