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Agnisakshi 6th October 2023 Written Update: Utkarsh spills the beans

Agnisakshi 6th October 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Satvik feeling betrayed and expressing his grievances to Jeevika. He accuses his wife and brother of hiding the truth from him. Jeevika defends herself by saying that it’s not entirely true as Utkarsh had asked her to keep it a secret. Satvik reminds her that he is her husband and she should have been honest with him. Utkarsh intervenes and explains that he had instructed Jeevika to conceal the truth. He reassures Satvik that it’s not her fault.

Later, Rajnandini reveals to Juhi that Savithri’s silk business is involved in illegal activities, despite maintaining a record of transactions in a book. Rajnandini plans to destroy the family. Juhi questions her actions, reminding her of the love they received from the family. Rajnandini slaps Juhi and asserts that it’s not her family.

Satvik confronts Utkarsh, expressing his disappointment in the lack of trust they have for him. Utkarsh denies the accusation, stating that it’s not about trust, but rather the wrong timing to reveal the truth. Satvik insists that he cannot wait any longer and demands to know the truth. Jeevika defends Utkarsh, suggesting that Satvik is blindly trusting the wrong person. In order to prove her point, Jeevika shows Satvik a video confession by Rajnandini, leaving him shocked.

Jeevika questions Utkarsh’s knowledge of the truth, to which he responds that revealing it would only lead to the destruction of the family. Rajnandini manipulates Juhi, reminding her that she is her sister and no one in the family can be trusted. However, Juhi retorts that Rajnandini wouldn’t have been slapped if she truly considered her as a sister. Utkarsh admits that he is well aware of Rajnandini’s true intentions and blames her for his separation from the family. He reveals that she had locked him up in a farmhouse. Jeevika is shocked by this revelation.

Satvik apologizes to Utkarsh for not discovering the truth earlier. Utkarsh acknowledges Jeevika’s role in saving him and credits it to divine intervention. Together, they decide to expose Rajnandini. However, Utkarsh’s resolve weakens as Satvik questions whether he is trying to protect his wife. Utkarsh clarifies that he is actually saving his wife, Ritima.

Juhi confronts Rajnandini, expressing her disbelief that the family would betray her without a reason. She demands answers regarding the true cause of Rajnandini’s hatred towards the family. Rajnandini dismisses Juhi, claiming that she has no time to waste with her. Juhi persists and insists on knowing the truth about their parents and sister.

Satvik is confused as Utkarsh reveals that Rajnandini is not his wife, but Ritima, his elder sister. Utkarsh explains that they informed Rajnandini about their father’s disapproval of their relationship, so they got married secretly. Satvik realizes that he brought Rajnandini into their house as his wife. Jeevika questions Utkarsh’s decision to lie to them, and he explains that he was forced to do so under Rajnandini’s threats.

Rajnandini reveals to Juhi that she wants to uncover the truth because she believes this family is responsible for their parents’ death and the destruction of their childhood. Satvik demands an explanation from Utkarsh as to why Rajnandini would go to such lengths for money. Utkarsh discloses that she seeks revenge for her father’s death, as her father is the reason behind Savithri’s demise.

The episode ends with Rajnandini inciting Latha against Jeevika, and Satvik standing up to her provocations.

Precap: Rajnandini continues to manipulate Latha against Jeevika, but Satvik responds with a fitting reply.


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