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Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 29th September 2023 Written Update: Pratiksha proves herself innocent! 

Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 29th September 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Kavya causing a scene while Ravi tries to stop her. Pratiksha expresses her desire to talk to Ravi. Kavya refuses to let her do anything. Kinjal steps in and reminds Pratiksha that she still has 24 hours to prove herself. Kinjal and Manvi get into an argument when Pratiksha asks them to stop. Manvi yells at Pratiksha, claiming to be Mandip’s friend and business partner. Pratiksha counters that these things don’t make Kavya Ravi’s wife. Manvi starts a drama. 

Beeji asks Manvi and the others to give Pratiksha a chance to prove herself in the next 24 hours. Dolly sarcastically remarks that Pratiksha must be a magician if she can prove herself in such a short time. Kavya tells Ravi that if Pratiksha fails to prove herself, Ravi will marry Kavya according to rituals. She asks Pratiksha if she agrees to this challenge. Ravi asks Pratiksha to consider it since it will directly affect him. Pratiksha asks Kinjal to fetch a bag from upstairs. Kavya remarks that Pratiksha has finally come to her senses. Amardeep expresses his sadness at seeing his family falling apart. 

Kavya shows Pratiksha a scarf that Mandip gave her for their wedding. Pratiksha also shows Ravi a turban that her mother gave her for her husband. Pratiksha reveals that what they saw was all fake and manipulated by Kavya and Malhar. Malhar stands at the door with Hansa and confirms that Pratiksha is telling the truth. Pratiksha presents the chats between Kavya and Malhar that Kavya had sent to him. Kavya claims that Pratiksha is lying and that her phone was stolen for a while. Now she knows who stole it. Malhar explains that Pratiksha sought help from her uncle and spoke to his senior, who will tell the truth or face suspension. Pratiksha shows everyone the CCTV footage from the hall. Pratiksha apologizes to Kavya for forgetting to mention that she had placed a CCTV camera in the hall. Kavya tries to slap her, but Ravi stops her and warns her never to try it again. Ravi apologizes to Pratiksha. 

Ravi grabs Kavya’s hand and throws her out of their house. Kinjal, Hansa, and Pratiksha embrace each other. Ravi asks Malhar if he has any objections, but he doesn’t care even if he does. Ravi places the ancestral scarf over Pratiksha’s head while she puts her mother’s turban on Ravi. Mandip recalls all the moments when she insulted and hurt Pratiksha. She decides to tie their knot herself. She ties their knot while Kavya watches from outside and bangs on the door, begging Ravi to stop. 

Kinjal announces that she will play the marriage mantra. Ravi and Pratiksha take the seven sacred vows around the holy fire while the mantra plays in the background. Both Ravi and Pratiksha look happy and satisfied. After completing the vows, Ravi applies sindoor to Pratiksha’s forehead, and everyone claps. They then seek blessings from the elders. Mandip welcomes Pratiksha to the Randhawa family, and they take a family photo. The episode ends. 


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