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Dharam Patni Upcoming Story: Pratiksha tells Malhar that he is her worst enemy!

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The television show Dharam Patni revolves around poor decisions, love, and Pratiksha’s fight for her rights.

In the beginning of the episode, Pratiksha reflects on what just happened. She starts taking her clothes out of Kinjal’s closet and informs her that she won’t keep her belongings there. Instead, she wants to store them in Ravi’s cabinet.

Sometimes, skepticism doesn’t mean the end of relationships. When Ravi enters Pratiksha’s room, he confesses that he can’t explain why his heart is broken. He feels that she doesn’t understand his current emotional state. With tears in his eyes, he leaves her room, wondering why he values her so much.

Excitedly, Kavya tells Manvi that she is on cloud nine and is thrilled about everything that has happened. Manvi believes that discarding Pratiksha’s belongings was the right decision. She asks Kavya to set up her things in Ravi’s room today. Kavya agrees and gathers all of Pratiksha’s belongings to move them into Ravi’s room.

At Manvi’s request, Ravi is supposed to spank Pratiksha in front of everyone. When Kavya hears this, she predicts that her wishes will come true and Ravi will personally kick Pratiksha out of the house.

Despite her loss, Pratiksha refuses to accept defeat because she needs Ravi and his broken heart. She believes that Ravi is the love of her life.

As Ravi enters his room, he finds Kavya there. Confused, he wonders why she is there. Kavya claims that she has always had ownership of that space and it is her right. Ravi tells her that he has no desire to explain anything to her. Kavya tries to get close to Ravi, but he asks her to stop as he finds it uncomfortable. He tells her that Pratiksha will prove herself. Kavya questions if he still believes that Pratiksha is pure.

Pratiksha calls Malhar and questions his motives for what he did to her. Malhar asks if they were in love. Pratiksha wonders why he is saying all of this when they were never married. Malhar claims that he loved Pratiksha and they were about to get married, but fate conspired against them. He vows not to lose to anyone and urges Pratiksha to come to him and promises to always keep her safe.

Pratiksha sees Malhar as nothing more than an enemy, just an unknown person. He is determined to do anything to have her for himself. Kavya tries to court Ravi, claiming to be pure. However, Ravi admits that he never chose her.

In the next episode, Pratiksha will prove her innocence and marry Ravi, restoring the family’s honor.

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