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Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 28th September 2023 Written Update: Kavya tries to take advantage of Ravi!

Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 28th September 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Pratiksha reflecting on recent events. She starts taking out her clothes from Kinjal’s cupboard. When Kinjal asks why, Pratiksha explains that she won’t keep her things there anymore. Instead, she will keep them in Ravi’s cupboard. Pratiksha believes that just because there is doubt, it doesn’t mean that relationships have to end. Ravi enters her room and confesses that his heart is broken, unable to provide a proper explanation. He tells Pratiksha that she doesn’t understand how he feels right now. Ravi leaves her room with tears in his eyes, questioning why she is so important to him.

Kavya rushes to Manvi and expresses her excitement, feeling like she’s on cloud nine. Manvi agrees and praises Kavya for throwing away Pratiksha’s things. She instructs Kavya to set up her own belongings in Ravi’s room that very day. Manvi even desires Ravi to publicly slap Pratiksha. Overhearing this, Kavya assures her mother that her dreams will come true and Ravi will personally kick Pratiksha out of the house.

They enter Ravi’s room, where Manvi inquires about his whereabouts. Kavya dismisses it, stating that it doesn’t matter as he always comes back to this room at the end of the day. Manvi urges Kavya to take advantage of her night with Ravi and share the good news with the Randhawa household. Kavya, however, explains that she is not ready for such things at her age and will consider them later. Manvi suggests that since Ravi is heartbroken, Kavya should seize the opportunity and make him hers that very night. She even proposes that Kavya use the same drug that Malhar used on Pratiksha.

Despite Ravi’s broken heart, Pratiksha refuses to accept defeat as she realizes she needs him. She admits to herself that she is in love with Ravi. Ravi enters his room and finds Kavya there. Confused, he asks her why she is in his room. Kavya asserts that this room has always been hers and she has every right to be there. Ravi tells her that he has no intention of explaining anything to her. Kavya makes an intimate gesture towards Ravi, making him uncomfortable, and he asks her to stop. Ravi declares that Pratiksha will prove herself. Kavya questions if he still believes that Pratiksha is pure. Meanwhile, Pratiksha calls Malhar and demands an explanation for his actions. Malhar asks if there was never any love between them. Pratiksha argues that since they never got married, his claims hold no weight. Malhar confesses his love for Pratiksha and his determination to not lose to anyone. He urges her to always protect herself and come to him. Pratiksha firmly states that he is nothing more than a stranger to her, even worse than an enemy. However, Malhar vows to go to any extent to make her his. Kavya tries to seduce Ravi, claiming her purity, but he firmly tells her that he never chose her. The episode concludes.

Recap: Pratiksha proves her innocence through CCTV footage, resulting in Kavya being thrown out of the Randhawa house!


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