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Dharam Patni Upcoming Story: Ravi refuses to listen to Pratiksha!

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The show Dharam Patni revolves around bad decisions, love, and Pratiksha’s fight for her rights.

At the beginning of the episode, Malhar orders Pratiksha to disclose their affair to everyone. Pratiksha strongly objects to Malhar, stating that he is mistaken if he thinks her family will believe his nonsense.

Malhar insists that he didn’t want to reveal everyone’s private messages initially, but now he has no choice. He shows everyone the fake texts. Mandip confesses to Pratiksha about feeling humiliated.

Manvi and Kavya continue their drama. Hansa argues that those messages might be fake to defend Pratiksha. Malhar challenges them by asking what they think about the pictures. He shows fake images of himself and Pratiksha.

Pratiksha suggests that since even Lord Rama tested Sita, she should also go through a test. She promises to remove this stain within the next 24 hours and maintain the honor of a devoted wife. Hansa leads Malhar out of the house.

Kavya tells Pratiksha that she is free to present any evidence she wants. She won’t be stopped. However, Pratiksha needs Kavya’s help to move her belongings out of Ravi’s room. Ravi appears broken but remains silent.

Manvi asks Kavya to throw away all of Pratiksha’s belongings, and they enter Ravi’s room. Pratiksha asserts that she will handle her possessions independently.

Pratiksha declares that she will stand up for herself and other women who are afraid to do the same. Dadi walks in and asks about Pratiksha’s tears.

According to Pratiksha, she has broken Ravi’s heart. Dadi suggests that Pratiksha should divorce him since Ravi is now against her. Dadi believes that trust is the foundation of any relationship, and once it’s lost, nothing else matters.

Dadi expresses her lack of support for Ravi because he doesn’t support his wife. Pratiksha assures Dadi that she will advocate for herself and prove her abilities. She believes that everyone will eventually trust her. Dadi sees Pratiksha as a unique individual and tries to bring the family together.

In the next episode, Pratiksha will expose Malhar and Kavya’s actions and prove her innocence.

To find out what Ravi does next, keep watching Udaariyaan.


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