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Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 27th September 2023 Written Update: Malhar shows fake evidence against Pratiksha!

Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 27th September 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Malhar urging Pratiksha to reveal their affair to everyone. Pratiksha angrily dismisses Malhar’s claims, stating that her family won’t believe his lies. Reluctantly, Malhar decides to show everyone their personal messages as evidence. He displays the fake messages they exchanged. Mandip expresses her disappointment in Pratiksha, while Manvi and Kavya continue their dramatic antics. Hansa tries to defend Pratiksha by suggesting that the messages might be fake. In response, Malhar presents fake photos of Pratiksha and himself. Kavya insists that Ravi examine the pictures. Pratiksha maintains that everything is fabricated and she is being framed. Ravi challenges her to prove her innocence, as she usually does.

Pratiksha compares her situation to Lord Rama’s test of Sita’s purity and vows to erase the stain on her character within 24 hours. She is determined to save her reputation as a devoted wife. Hansa escorts Malhar out of the house, while Kavya informs Pratiksha that she can prove her innocence but until then, all her belongings must be removed from Ravi’s room. Kavya offers to assist Pratiksha in this task. Although Ravi appears devastated, he remains silent. Kavya and Manvi enter Ravi’s room, with Manvi instructing Kavya to discard all of Pratiksha’s belongings. However, Pratiksha insists on packing her things herself. Kavya initiates the process of throwing away Pratiksha’s belongings, while Ravi enters the room but remains silent. Manvi assures Kavya that Pratiksha and Ravi’s story has reached its conclusion.

Pratiksha follows Ravi and pleads with him to have faith in her. She asks him to listen to her side of the story. Ravi, however, states that there is nothing left to discuss. Kavya further provokes Ravi, and Pratiksha tries to intervene. Ravi tells Pratiksha to stop, explaining that he has always respected her and their marriage. However, through this ordeal, he has lost his own self-respect. Ravi suggests meeting in court. Meanwhile, Kinjal cries alone, thinking about Pratiksha, until Pratiksha enters Kinjal’s room looking lost. They embrace each other while sobbing. Kinjal expresses her unwavering faith in Pratiksha and believes that she will prove her innocence. Pratiksha vows to fight for herself and for all the women who hesitate to stand up for themselves. Dadi enters the room and questions why Pratiksha is crying. Pratiksha confesses that she has broken Ravi’s heart. Dadi advises Pratiksha to divorce Ravi, as he is now against her. Trust, according to Dadi, is the foundation of any relationship, and without it, nothing else matters. Dadi doesn’t support Ravi because he doesn’t stand up for his wife. Pratiksha assures Dadi that she will fight for herself and prove her innocence. She is determined to make everyone believe in her. Dadi commends Pratiksha for being a rare gem who works towards uniting her family. She blesses Pratiksha and encourages her to prove her innocence. The episode concludes.

Recap: Pratiksha exposes Malhar and Kavya’s truth to everyone.


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