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Dharam Patni Upcoming Story: Malhar’s plan works!

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The show Dharam Patni revolves around bad decisions, love, and Pratiksha’s fight for her rights.

In the beginning of the episode, Kavya asks Mandip to return home as Ravi seems restless. Mandip and the rest agree to go. Pratiksha suddenly feels dizzy and collapses into Malhar’s arms. Ravi and others ring the doorbell.

Pratiksha refuses to open the door, so Kavya asks Ravi to use his spare key. When the door is opened, they find Malhar and Pratiksha in a compromising situation. Ravi immediately attacks Malhar, but Kavya urges him to direct his anger towards Pratiksha instead.

Pratiksha remains unconscious on the sofa. Kavya accuses Pratiksha of being at fault. Manvi places two drinks on the table and suggests that Pratiksha was drinking with Malhar while they were away. Kinjal defends Pratiksha, but Manvi and Kavya continue to insult her. Hansa intervenes and asks Kavya to stop questioning Pratiksha’s character.

Kavya asks Malhar about his feelings for Pratiksha, and he admits that he loves her. Pratiksha wakes up and feels dizzy. Mandip asks her what is happening and why she is with Malhar. Kavya throws water on Pratiksha’s face to wake her up and asks her to share her love story. Pratiksha scolds Kavya for being disrespectful.

Manvi tells Pratiksha that she can no longer create new stories as everyone has already seen them. Pratiksha asks Malhar to be honest and say that he came to get her signatures on some documents. Malhar asks Pratiksha to be completely honest about their relationship.

In the next episode, Ravi will ask Pratiksha to prove her innocence. Will she be able to do it? What will be her next step?

To find out the answers to these questions, keep watching Dharam Patni and stay tuned to this space.


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