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Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 26th September 2023 Written Update: Malhar and Kavya’s plan works out!

Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 26th September 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode begins with Kavya urging Mandip to go home as Ravi seems agitated. Mandip and the others agree, deciding to leave. Pratiksha suddenly feels dizzy and faints, falling into Malhar’s arms. Ravi and the others ring the doorbell. Since Pratiksha doesn’t respond, Kavya asks Ravi to use his spare key to open the door. Upon entering, they find Malhar and Pratiksha in a compromising position on the sofa. Ravi starts attacking Malhar, but Kavya intervenes, urging Ravi to direct his anger towards Pratiksha instead.

Pratiksha remains unconscious on the sofa. Kavya claims that Pratiksha is at fault. Kinjal tries to defend Pratiksha, but Manvi presents two glasses of drinks found on the table, suggesting that Pratiksha and Malhar were drinking and having fun in their absence. Manvi and Kavya insult Pratiksha, while Ravi tells them to stop. Kavya questions Pratiksha’s character, leading Hansa to protest and ask Kavya to cease her insults.

Kinjal suggests that there may be more to the situation and that things aren’t as they appear. Hansa defends Pratiksha, warning Kavya that she will face the consequences if she continues to insult their family. Kavya and Hansa engage in an argument, while Ravi remains silent and listens to everything. Kavya accuses Pratiksha of being deceitful, wanting a husband on one hand and a lover on the other. Manvi also taunts Hansa and urges her to wake Pratiksha up. Realizing the situation, Kavya claims to have understood everything, concluding that Malhar and Pratiksha are playing games with them. Manvi and Kavya accuse Pratiksha of having both Ravi and Malhar in different roles. Ravi shouts at Kavya, demanding that she speak more respectfully as she has brought negativity since her return.

Kavya asks Malhar if he truly loves Pratiksha. Malhar confirms his love for her, stating that Pratiksha had called him over because nobody was home. Hansa steps forward and slaps Malhar. Pratiksha regains consciousness, feeling a heavy head. Mandip questions Pratiksha about what was happening and why she was with Malhar. Kavya throws a glass of water on Pratiksha’s face to wake her up fully, demanding that she share her love story. Pratiksha warns Kavya not to speak to her in such a manner.

Manvi tells Pratiksha that she can no longer create new stories as everyone has witnessed their actions. Pratiksha asks Malhar to tell everyone the truth, that he had come to get her signature on some papers. However, Malhar urges Pratiksha to reveal the truth about their affair. The episode ends.

Recap: Malhar presents fake evidence to prove his and Pratiksha’s affair to the entire family, while Pratiksha denies the claims, stating that they are all fake. Ravi asks Pratiksha to prove her innocence.


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