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Agnisakshi 11th October 2023 Written Update: Jeevika frames Rajnandini

Agnisakshi 11th October 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Utkarsh apologizing to Satvik for not supporting him. Although he despises Rajnandini more than anyone else, he is currently unable to do anything until he finds Ritima. Satvik understands his predicament. Later, Jeevika confronts Rajnandini and asks if she is responsible for the attack on Satvik. Rajnandini smiles in response. Jeevika tells her that she has found the answer and that she shouldn’t have tried to harm Satvik. Jeevika stabs Rajnandini with a fake knife, causing her to collapse on the floor. Narayanan asks if she is alright, to which Rajnandini sarcastically responds by asking how she could be alright after being stabbed. Jeevika pretends to ask what happened to her, and Satvik questions if she is trying to frame Jeevika for stabbing her. Narayanan suggests that Rajnandini takes a break from her office work, to which Satvik requests that she sees a psychiatrist. Narayanan agrees, and Satvik expresses his happiness to Utkarsh. Meanwhile, Jeevika stabs Rajnandini with a fake knife once again, claiming that she fainted when she used it. Rajnandini accuses Jeevika of going too far, to which Jeevika responds that it is nothing compared to what Rajnandini has done to the family. She then leaves, and Rajnandini declares that she cannot end her life easily.

Satvik pretends to be scared of Jeevika and admits that it was his idea to push Rajnandini off the stairs, while Jeevika suggests that the fake knife idea was hers. Jeevika confesses that she cannot bear to see her husband hurt and playfully teases him before leaving. Later, Rajnandini discusses Juhi’s wedding with Narayanan, expressing her desire to find a groom for her. Narayanan agrees and mentions Shlok as a potential candidate. However, Shlok states that he is not interested in marrying Juhi and faces Narayanan’s scolding. Shlok reveals that he loves someone else, Swara, and suggests that if Satvik can marry the sister of the elder daughter-in-law, he should also be allowed to marry the sister of the second daughter-in-law. Narayanan agrees as long as Shlok is happy.

Rajnandini becomes frustrated, and Jeevika teases her, suggesting that she may have planned everything to unite Shlok and Swara. Jeevika warns Rajnandini that if she tries to stop the wedding, she will expose her, and tomorrow will be Rajnandini’s last day in the house. Later, Satvik playfully discusses having babies with Jeevika and assures her that he won’t forget his dream. Jeevika then gives Rajnandini a cup of coffee, telling her it’s time for her to leave the house. She threatens to reveal the truth and has evidence against Rajnandini that she plans to expose to everyone. Rajnandini becomes frustrated.

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