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Agnisakshi Upcoming Story: Rajnandini’s cunning move

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Colors TV’s popular show Agnisakshi is about to bring more drama to the screen. Rajnandini has created a misunderstanding between Satvik and Jeevika. However, Jeevika is secretly assisting Satvik in completing his project. It will be interesting to see what unfolds in the future episodes.

In the previous episode, Rajnandini confronted Jeevika about her threat to throw her out of the house within 7 days. Jeevika responds by revealing that if Rajnandini were to send her away, she would eventually find her way back into the family. Instead, Jeevika confesses that she had considered eliminating Rajnandini from this world forever by adding poison to her coffee. Rajnandini becomes frightened and creates a scene.

Jeevika cleverly manipulates the situation, making it appear as though Rajnandini is at fault. She even goes as far as to push Rajnandini down the stairs. Although Rajnandini accuses Jeevika, Satvik defends Jeevika, leaving Rajnandini in a difficult position. Later, Utkarsh apologizes to Satvik.

Rajnandini tries to secure Shlok’s hand in marriage for Juhi, but Shlok rejects her proposal. Satvik then reveals Swara and Shlok’s relationship. Narayanan agrees to their wedding, which infuriates Rajnandini. She vows to expose Jeevika.

In the upcoming episode, Jeevika decides to reveal Rajnandini’s true nature to the rest of the family. However, Rajnandini arrives and points a gun at Jeevika. She claims that she wanted to be the one to unveil her true self to the family. Rajnandini then calls armed goons to surround them.

What will happen next? How will Satvik react when Jeevika leaves him? Will Satvik uncover the truth?

To find out what happens next on your favorite show, Agnisakshi Ek Samjhauta, stay tuned to this space.


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