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Agnisakshi 12th October 2023 Written Update: Juhi teams up with Jeevika

Agnisakshi 12th October 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode of Agnisakshi begins with Jeevika expressing her desire to discuss something important with Narayanan and Adaya. However, Adaya clarifies that she did not invite Rajnandini to the meeting. Undeterred, Jeevika states that she has evidence to expose Rajnandini’s true nature. Rajnandini arrives and decides to reveal her own truth. Suddenly, an armed man enters the scene, pointing a gun at everyone. Narayanan demands an explanation, and Rajnandini claims that they forced her to take this extreme step. She warns them to stay away from her or face the consequences. Latha scolds Rajnandini, who then checks the video evidence and realizes the folder is empty. Rajnandini questions Jeevika about the evidence, but Jeevika and Satvik mock her, revealing that they never had any evidence to begin with. Nevertheless, Rajnandini exposes her true colors in front of everyone.

Narayanan confronts Rajnandini, realizing that she has been pretending to be innocent all along. Utkarsh warns Jeevika and Satvik about Rajnandini’s dangerous nature. Rajnandini agrees with Utkarsh and aims her gun at Jeevika. Narayanan questions why she treats them as enemies, and Rajnandini admits that they are indeed her enemies. She confesses to hating their happiness and reveals the ways she has caused division and fear within the family. Rajnandini shares her devious actions, including arranging her alliance with Utkarsh and manipulating Supriya to break up with Satvik. She also admits to abducting Jeevika and pushing her off a cliff. Shockingly, Rajnandini reveals that Utkarsh is not her husband but Ritima’s. Narayanan is taken aback by this revelation. Rajnandini blames Narayanan for her father’s death and presents Jeevika with a life-or-death ultimatum involving Satvik. Jeevika chooses to sacrifice her own life for Satvik’s, but when she pulls the trigger, they discover that the gun is empty. Rajnandini smugly declares that the game has not yet begun.

Suddenly, the doorbell rings, and to everyone’s surprise, Juhi appears. She informs them that she has finally realized Rajnandini’s true nature and brings Ritima and Prateep with her. Utkarsh embraces Juhi, and Satvik recalls seeking Prateep’s help to find Ritima. Juhi reveals that she betrayed Rajnandini after learning from her. Angered by Juhi’s betrayal, Rajnandini points her gun at her.

The episode concludes with a preview of the upcoming episode, where the police arrest Rajnandini.


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