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Agnisakshi 13th October 2023 Written Update: Satvik and Jeevika’s happy ending

Agnisakshi 13th October 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode begins with Rajnandini declaring to Jeevika that the game is over. However, Jeevika interrupts her and Narayanan confronts her, stating that she despises him and has abandoned their children. Rajnandini blames him for taking away her parents and vows to snatch his children one by one. She even expresses her regret that she cannot harm her nonexistent grandchildren. Jeevika responds with a fitting reply. Juhi suggests that if Rajnandini apologizes to the family, they will forgive her, but Rajnandini refuses to admit any wrongdoing and refuses to apologize. Juhi reminds her that her parents have already passed away and killing them will not change anything. However, Rajnandini remains stubborn and insists that they should not have involved the police. Satvik urges the police to arrest Rajnandini, but she argues that she possesses a license for her gun, claiming it is for self-defense. Satvik counters by stating that she threatened them, and he requests that Bosle’s name not be included in the chargesheet. Instead, Utkarsh files a complaint against her, and the police take Rajnandini into custody.

Narayanan admits that he made a mistake by blindly trusting Rajnandini and expresses his gratitude to Jeevika for revealing the truth. Latha acknowledges that Jeevika has helped her understand the importance of relationships and feels ashamed for falling for Rajnandini’s tricks. She apologizes to Jeevika, who responds by requesting her blessings rather than an apology. Jeevika also expresses her gratitude to Prateep for his assistance in finding Ritima, and he assures her that he will do anything for her. Meanwhile, Adaya and Shlok argue, prompting Latha to remind them to act their age. Jeevika playfully adds that she herself has not fully grown up yet. Later, Satvik has a nightmare involving Rajnandini and blames Jeevika for risking her life for him. He insists that she wasn’t simply playing Ludo with Rajnandini and claims that he would be lost without her. Jeevika implores him not to mention death and manages to convince him. They spend quality time together.

One year later…

Jeevika is preparing ladoos when she realizes that they are missing. She catches Satvik and their children secretly eating the ladoos and playfully scolds them before giving them the sweets. Satvik jokingly asks for his “rights,” and Jeevika promises to show him her love. Utkarsh advises Ritima not to consume panipuri during her pregnancy, but she insists on indulging in her cravings as she enjoys it. Meanwhile, Swara reminds Shlok of the significance of the date, as it marks the anniversary of when they started dating. She scolds him for forgetting but is pleased when he presents her with a rose, assuring her that he did not forget. Later, Satvik suggests to Jeevika that they should adopt 12 more children to fulfill her dream.

Jeevika gathers everyone together, and Narayanan expresses his gratitude for bringing happiness into their home. Latha acknowledges the positive impact of adopting these children and praises Jeevika. Juhi captures the moment with a photograph and shares her interest in photography as a career choice. Satvik playfully teases Latha, and Adaya suggests taking a family picture. Jeevika takes the opportunity to share a social message with the audience.

And that’s the end.


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