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Barsatein- Mausam Pyaar Ka 7th December 2023 Written Update: Varun instigates Neeta against Aradhana

Barsatein- Mausam Pyaar Ka 7th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode begins with Kiki expressing her desire to bring Haldi from Jai’s house. Bhakti is hesitant, but Aradhana assures her and gives approval for Kiki’s idea. Kiki embraces Aradhana but secretly wonders if she has any clue about what Kiki is about to do, then she leaves.

Meanwhile, Neeta instructs Varun to bring Haldi from Aradhana’s house. Varun complains about it and playfully instigates Neeta against Aradhana. Neeta starts to believe Varun’s words and becomes upset. She also expresses her disappointment towards Reyansh for not being able to stop Jai and Aradhana’s wedding.

On the other hand, Reyansh is hiding in Varun’s car, who is driving and making derogatory remarks about Aradhana. Reyansh accidentally makes a noise, causing Varun to become suspicious. He stops the car, making Reyansh anxious in his hiding spot.

Meanwhile, Neeta hopes that something miraculous stops Jai and Aradhana’s marriage. She makes a call and promises to do anything in return for a favor. At the same time, Kiki arrives with Haldi from Aradhana’s house. Neeta and Kiki engage in a conversation about Jai’s decision to marry Aradhana. They both manipulate each other to try and stop the wedding. Kiki then goes to Jai’s room.

Varun decides to open the back of his car, but the building’s security stops him. He resumes driving, which relieves Reyansh. Meanwhile, Kiki hugs Jai from behind, but he pulls away from her. Kiki confesses her love for Jai, but he firmly tells her that he only loves Aradhana. Kiki pretends to accept Jai’s decision and leaves the room, thinking sarcastically about whether she should congratulate Aradhana or feel sorry for her.

In Aradhana’s house, the Haldi ceremony begins. Her family members apply Haldi on her while everyone looks happy, except Aradhana. The lights suddenly go off, prompting everyone to leave momentarily to fix the issue. During this time, Reyansh arrives and applies Haldi on Aradhana in the darkness before leaving. When the lights come back on, Aradhana is disturbed and wonders if Reyansh is really free or just a figment of her imagination. She considers calling the police station, but Bhakti stops her and urges her to wait until after the wedding. Meanwhile, Reyansh walks happily on the road, believing that his and Aradhana’s wedding rituals are proceeding as planned. He decides to meet Jai.

Jai starts feeling uneasy, so Neeta makes derogatory remarks about Aradhana’s family. Jai defends Aradhana, after which her family goes inside. Aradhana contemplates contacting the police station but is interrupted by thoughts of Reyansh. Meanwhile, Jai feels dizzy and is shocked to find Reyansh in his room. He realizes that both Reyansh and Kiki conspired against him. Jai warns Reyansh, but the latter confesses his love for Jai while refusing to let him marry Aradhana. Flashbacks reveal Kiki and Reyansh’s conversation about their mission to stop Jai and Aradhana’s wedding, with Reyansh refusing to help Kiki win Jai’s love, which upsets her.

Aradhana notices a change in the weather and encourages herself to marry Jai for the well-being of everyone. She receives filmy messages from Jai’s number, which confuses her. Jakruti informs Aradhana that the groom has arrived and escorts her to the mandap. Reyansh, hidden beneath the veil, enters as the groom. Kiki convinces Jakruti to let her perform one of the wedding rituals and then winks at Reyansh. Aradhana watches on, surprised.

Preview: Kiki kidnaps Jai and tries to make him love her, but Jai refuses. Meanwhile, Aradhana is shocked to discover that Reyansh has replaced Jai.


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