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Chand Jalne Laga 14th December 2023 Written Update: Tara apologizes to Deva

Chand Jalne Laga 14th December 2023: Tara Confronts Malik

The latest episode of Chand Jalne Laga begins with Tara questioning Malik about why he is tormenting her. She pleads with him to release her brother and wonders what his problem is with her. Malik confesses that seeing her happy hurts him and asks her to wait for his call. He informs her that everyone is waiting for her inside and encourages her to enjoy the function. Tara notices an anklet in Malik’s jeep and realizes she has seen it before.

Arjun arrives and asks Tara if she is okay and if Malik said anything to her. To protect herself, Tara lies and tells Arjun that she came to thank him for the gift he gave her. Amrita then takes them both inside. Tara feels strange about the situation. Meanwhile, Malik returns home and starts drinking. He enters a secret room where he has kept Tara’s belongings. As he goes through her things one by one, he gets lost in his childhood memories.

Malik vows to make Tara unhappy since she was everything to him and caused him pain and tears. He is determined to give her back what she gave him. Meanwhile, Ananya helps Tara get ready for the function, and Tara hears the sound of Ananya’s anklets. This triggers childhood memories for Tara, and she wonders why Malik kept her anklet. It seems like Malik is her Deva, and Tara feels happy just mentioning his name. Malik wakes up from his dream, while Tara covers her face and tries to leave the house. Ananya stops her and asks where she is going. Tara explains that she has to urgently meet Malik and rushes out of the house to find him.

Tara arrives at the Haveli and begins searching for Malik. Her heart races as she approaches the secret room. She believes that her Deva is inside and enters the room. Tara is surprised to see a painting of their first meeting on the wall and is overjoyed to find her belongings kept safe there. Memories of their childhood flood back to her. Malik arrives in the room, and Tara’s heart starts racing again. Overwhelmed with emotion, Tara breaks down in tears. Malik then reveals his true identity to her but ignores her attempt to hug him. He starts drinking, and Tara expresses her happiness at seeing him alive. She explains that she always believed he was alive in her heart, even though everyone else said he was dead. Tara admits that she never stopped thinking about him.

Tara acknowledges that she thought about Deva today and is delighted that he has finally come back to her. Malik asks her to keep talking because it makes him feel good. Tara recognizes his anger towards her and understands why he feels that way. She assures him that she never intended to cause him harm and only lied to protect him. She reveals that she discovered her father was responsible for all the lies and deceit to save Raunaq. Tara sincerely apologizes to Malik, emphasizing that she has been waiting for this day to apologize to him. Malik responds by telling her that he is not Deva but Malik, who died a few years ago. He reminds her that she lied to him to save her brother and insists that she must listen to his conditions if she wants to save him. Tara wonders why he is still holding on to childhood things, but Malik insists that she must break off her engagement within 30 minutes and meet him at the place where they first met. Only then will he reveal his next condition.

And that’s where the episode ends. Malik demands that Tara marry him.


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