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Doree 14th December 2023 Written Update: Durga Maa saves Ganga Prasad

Doree 14th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with the priest praising Doree and calling her a Durga Maa. Doree is reminded of how everyone celebrates when a boy is born in their family, and she questions why they don’t celebrate in the same way when a girl is born. Ganga Prasad explains to her that a girl is actually more important than a boy and shares his thoughts with her. Doree discusses this with Thakurian, who agrees with her. The priest acknowledges that Kailash Devi did a great job bringing Doree into their home and is about to touch her feet, but Doree stops her. She explains that her father taught her that elders should not touch the feet of those younger than them and asks Kailash Devi to place her hand on her head instead. Doree believes that if Kailash Devi blesses her father and herself, everything will be fine in their house. Kailash Devi blesses her, and Doree feels a sense of impending danger for her father, causing her to rush out of the room. In her haste, her dupatta catches fire, but Mansi quickly removes it. Ganga Prasad jumps into the fire to save Doree.

Kumar informs Kailash Devi that there is a fire in the basti, specifically in Ganga Prasad’s house where all the delivery items are kept. Kailash Devi asks Raj to call the fire service immediately, ensuring that her saree packages are not affected by the fire. Doree falls down and senses something suspicious. The people of the basti try to put out the fire, and Anand notices Kailash Devi’s presence. He questions her about how the fire started in their house, but Kailash Devi dismisses his questions and instructs Raj to call the fire service. Anand urges everyone to pour water on the fire as soon as possible. Kakka reveals that Ganga jumped into the fire to save the items. Kailash Devi expresses her anger, stating that if something happens to her saree, she won’t spare them. Neelu reminds everyone that they have signed documents, and if anything happens to the saree, they will have to vacate their house. Meanwhile, Doree gets into an accident and faints.

Ganga Prasad also falls down, and an almirah falls on him. Nani pleads for his life to be saved, realizing that he is in danger. Anand believes that if Ganga Prasad dies, no one will be able to protect Doree from him. Ganga Prasad prays to God, and a water pot breaks, preventing the saree from catching fire. Doree, in her unconscious state, enters the house, surprising Ganga Prasad. In that moment, God appears in the form of Doree. The real Doree is lying unconscious on the street, and Mata Rani’s holy water falls on her. Meanwhile, Ganga Prasad asks Doree to leave, but she refuses to abandon him. She helps him remove the almirah and they both notice that the saree packages are safe. Doree hugs Ganga Prasad and assures him that he shouldn’t be afraid because she is with him.

Doree asks Ganga Prasad how they can take the packages out of the house, and he believes that God will show them a way. Kailash Devi complains to the inspector about her saree packages being inside the house. Meanwhile, Mansi is performing a pooja in the temple, praying for the protection of Ganga Prasad and Doree, and asking that darkness doesn’t enter their lives. Kailash Devi argues with the inspector and is shocked to see Doree walking out of the fire, holding the packages. They are both surprised to see many people behind her.

Episode end

Precap: The inspector catches Anand red-handed.


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