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Dhruv Tara 14th December 2023 Written Update: Bhavosa is not satisfied with Dhruv’s opinion.

Dhruv Tara 14th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode begins with Rajmata expressing her admiration for Surya’s unwavering support and care for Tara. Rajmata questions Dhruv about what he has gained from Tara. Dhruv shares with Rajmata all the incidents that occurred after the earthquake, leaving her surprised. Rajmata decides to meet Tara to discuss these revelations. She visits Tara and reassures her that she is no longer angry, as she now understands the truth from Dhruv’s perspective. Rajmata confesses her pride in having Tara as a daughter and expresses her longing for her late husband, Mahavir. Rajmata believes that Dhruv deserves a life partner and suggests convincing him to marry Meenakshi.

Meanwhile, Surya and Dhruv have lunch together, during which Surya apologizes on behalf of Bhavosa for her previous rude behavior towards Dhruv. Surya explains that Bhavosa’s actions stem from her protective nature as a mother. He assures Dhruv that Bhavosa will eventually accept him. Dhruv acknowledges that it will take time. Surya reminds Dhruv that he quickly accepted their friendship and his sister as his soulmate.

Later, Surya learns that a man wishes to meet him to make a request. Surya orders his servant to arrange a Darbar (court) for the meeting. Surya believes that soon he will declare Dhruv as the new king of Vallavgarh and wants him to learn how to run a Darbar. After lunch, Surya invites Dhruv to join him in the Darbar.

At the Darbar, Surya and Dhruv are seated together. A man pleads with Surya for permission to marry a widow. The community has accused him of wrongdoing due to their disapproval of the relationship. Surya seeks Bhavosa’s opinion on the matter. Bhavosa considers it a major crime and questions how the man has the audacity to appear before the Darbar. Surya asks if the widow is aware of his love for her. The man confirms that she reciprocates his feelings and they both wish to marry. Surya then asks Dhruv for his input, leaving the ministers puzzled. Dhruv suggests allowing the man and the widow to marry, as they genuinely love each other. Bhavosa disagrees, arguing that a widow should not remarry after her husband’s death. Dhruv asserts that widows should have the opportunity to start afresh and be given a chance at happiness. Surya appreciates the contrasting opinions and promises to consider the matter before making a decision.

Back at the palace, Bhavosa confides in Bheera about her concerns regarding Dhruv’s influence and her fear of losing control over the kingdom. Bheera assures Bhavosa that he will prevent Dhruv from making any changes. Bhavosa requests authentic proof from Vallavgarh to expose Dhruv. Bheera assigns Sona and Chandi to gather the evidence. They present a stone to Bhavosa, who praises Bheera for the find.

During the Darbar, Bhavosa places the stone on display. Surya inquires about its significance. Bhavosa explains that Vallavgarh was destroyed six years ago, and these stones are new, suggesting that Surya is responsible for the new civilization, using stones from Devgarh. Bhavosa rejoices over the end of Vallavgarh and expresses satisfaction that Mahavir and his queen are no more. Rajmata intervenes, refusing to hear any more about Vallavgarh.

In the upcoming episode, Bhavosa announces her plan to burn the Gatha book of Vallavgarh as part of the celebration. Bheera questions Dhruv about his connection to Vallavgarh.


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