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Dabangii 14th December 2023 Written Update: Kasturi lays a trap for Arya and Ankush

Dabangii 14th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Satya addressing the audience. Kasturi is looking for Arya to seek revenge for her son. Satya starts talking about Ankush and the troubles he is facing.

Ankush’s father asks Arya to bring him some water as he is tired. Arya brings the water but finds that Ankush’s father has fallen asleep.

Satya promises the people that he will always support them. He approaches Ankush and threatens to take revenge on him for sending him to jail. Kasturi comes up with a plan to trap Arya.

Kasturi arranges some Laddoo (Indian sweet). Arya smells the Laddoo and goes to take it. A woman stops her and says she needs to win a competition to have the Laddoos. Arya decides to participate as well. The lady asks her to wait for a while.

The lady calls Kasturi and informs her that Arya has come, just as she had planned. Kasturi believes that Arya will not be able to escape from her clutches.

Kasturi praises Avdabai and invites her onto the stage. Avdabai is shocked to hear the praise. Later, she joins Kasturi on the stage. Kasturi announces a race and encourages everyone to participate.

Sai asks Bela to play the game with her. Ankush wishes Sai good luck. Bela asks Sai to shake hands with Ankush, and Sai agrees.

Ankush tells Sai that he misses them. Sai, however, says that she doesn’t miss him and walks away.

Avdabai warns Kasturi to be careful. Ankush spots Arya and asks her why she is here. Arya explains that her grandfather has fallen asleep and she came here to play and win the Laddoos. Tanmay tells Arya that she can’t play the game because she should be playing with her mother. Tanmay and Sai make comments about Arya. Arya leaves the scene and cries, thinking about her mother. Ankush comes and sits beside Arya.

Jaanrao instructs everyone to get ready for the race. Ankush tells Arya that they should participate together to win the Laddoo.

Jaanrao is about to start the race when Ankush interrupts and announces that Arya will also participate. Kasturi questions Ankush, as Arya doesn’t have a mother. Ankush explains that he will participate as Arya’s guardian and has taken on the role of a mother for her.

The episode ends.

Preview: Satya tells Arya that Ankush is her father and asks Ankush to tell the truth.


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