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Chand Jalne Laga 4th December 2023 Written Update: Arjun’s entry in Tara’s life

Chand Jalne Laga 4th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with security informing Malik that Thakur has instructed them not to allow anyone inside the hospital. Malik asks who Thakur is, to which the security replies that he is the hospital owner. Despite this, Malik insists they are just doing their job and pleads with them to let him inside. Meanwhile, a nurse detects a strange smell on Vanraj’s clothes and hands them over to Tara. Tara then asks Ananya to keep the clothes in her car. Soni informs Sardaj that Tara survived the fire accident, but they want Vanraj to perish and only his dead body to reach their home. Thakur arrives at the hospital and Malik requests the security to let him in so he can see a patient. However, the security refuses to grant him access.

Making his case, Malik explains that he wants to meet the patient. Ananya notices him and approaches him. The guards realize Thakur’s presence and leave. Malik expresses his desire to enter the hospital, but the security insists on confirming his identity first. Ananya questions Malik about his presence there and urges the security to allow him inside as he is her friend. She reveals that Tara is in the parking lot. Malik follows Tara and stops her. He discloses that he is Deva and doesn’t want to reveal his identity to her. Despite his attempts to hate her, he finds himself unable to do so. He admits that Tara, his childhood best friend, frequently occupies his thoughts. Malik apologizes to Tara for blaming her, even though she saved him. He acknowledges that she is not capable of betraying anyone and expresses his inability to convey his feelings. Malik questions why Tara lied to the police and sent him to jail. He initially planned to seek revenge, but her love has transformed him.

Malik reveals his true identity as Tara’s childhood friend, Deva, and professes his waiting for her. He opens his arms, but to his surprise, Tara bypasses him and embraces Thakur instead. Malik tightly clenches the prasad in his hand while Tara removes her earphones. The nurse had advised her to wear them, but she ignored the suggestion. Malik silently appreciates that Tara didn’t listen to him. Tara expresses her gratitude to Arjun Thakur for coming, to which he replies that he flew here because she called him. Malik concludes that Tara has once again proven that she deserves his hatred and walks away. Meanwhile, Arjun examines Vanraj and learns from the doctor that his condition remains the same.

As Malik is about to leave, Soni tells him that he has already helped them enough and is no longer needed. She mentions that Tara’s best friend, Arjun, is now present to take care of her. Soni tries to manipulate Malik against Tara, claiming that he previously tried to send her to jail but is now helping her. Malik reprimands Soni for speaking ill of others behind their backs. Tara intercepts Malik before he departs and expresses her gratitude for saving her. She asks him to finish the work at the haveli. Later, Sardaj questions Soni about her conversation with Malik, to which she reveals that Malik is interested in Tara and she wants to unite him with Ananya, believing that Tara won’t find a better person than him. Arjun later shares his suspicions about the fire accident with Tara and attempts to reach Malik, who ignores her call.

Episode ends.

Precap: Tara expresses her gratitude to Malik, but he lashes out at her.


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