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Pushpa Impossible 4th December 2023 Written Update: Ashwin gives his statement to the enquiry commission

Pushpa Impossible 4th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Pushpa telling Bapodara that he can take his daughter with him if she wants to go. Bapodara tries to persuade Prathna to come with him, but she refuses, stating that she will not leave Pushpa’s family. Bapodara insists that he will never allow Prathna to be associated with a criminal family and asks for a divorce.

Chirag questions Bapodara about his hypocrisy, pointing out that he is accepting money from a criminal and participating in the elections for corporator. Chirag reminds everyone that Mayur, who is Ayush’s boss, was responsible for the tender scam. Bapodara argues with Chirag and declares his intention to evict the entire Pushpa family from the chawl. Prathna states that she will also leave the chawl with Pushpa if that happens and reminds Bapodara that she is part of this family.

Pushpa shares her sadness with Dadi and expresses her exhaustion from the constant fighting. She hopes that the decision of the inquiry commission will be in Ashwin’s favor. The family members reflect on what has transpired.

The next day, Pushpa’s family eagerly awaits the decision of the inquiry. Pushpa encourages Deepti to stay strong and hopeful.

During the inquiry, Ashwin is informed that they are aware of his involvement in the tender scam and that Mayur has given a statement confirming his role. The commission asks Ashwin if he has anything to say. Ashwin explains his thought process and how his circumstances led him to become greedy. The commission asks if he obtained the tender quotation from the rival company, to which Ashwin responds that it was given to him by Binesh and admits that he doesn’t have the necessary contacts to acquire such information. The commission informs him that they will reveal their decision after lunch.

Pushpa assures Ashwin that their family is standing by his side. Ashwin acknowledges that he is in this situation because of them and clarifies that they are against his actions, not him personally. Pushpa asserts that they are one and the same.

The episode concludes.

Precap: Ashwin complains to Chirag about having to pay a penalty of Rs 40 lakhs due to his actions.

Bapodara states that Ashwin will either have to go to Manish or come to him for the money. Susheela asks Bapodara if he will provide the money, to which he responds that he will, but with conditions.


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