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Chand Jalne Laga 8th December 2023 Written Update: Tara and Arjun’s marriage gets fixed.

Chand Jalne Laga 8th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Tara taking care of the injured Deva and helping him onto the bed. They are being watched by someone. Tara notices that Deva’s fever is getting worse and puts a cloth on his forehead. Arjun is going through some papers in the mansion and says that he needs a particular one at any cost. Tara calls Arjun and asks him to listen to her without overreacting. She tells him that after he left, she was trying to talk to Mr. Mallick when he suddenly fainted. She also mentions that his fever is increasing.

Arjun feels upset that Tara is calling him for Deva. Tara tells Arjun that as a doctor, he should help people medically. Arjun agrees to help because she asked him to. He suggests some medication and applying compression. However, despite their efforts, Deva’s fever doesn’t go down. Tara worries about leaving him alone in this condition. She senses someone’s presence and looks around. She sees a lady wearing anklets moving around but fails to find anyone there when she calls out.

Tara approaches the lady and realizes it’s Anu. She tells Anu that she scared her and asks why she’s there all dressed up. Tara explains that Mr. Mallick suddenly fell sick and she doesn’t know what to do. Meanwhile, the mysterious lady collects Deva’s blood sample and sends it to the pathology lab for DNA testing. She calls someone to inform them that the blood report has come and the DNA match is confirmed. The person on the call asks her to send a picture of Deva.

Tara asks Ananya to stay with Deva and change the compression while she goes to get the medicines recommended by Arjun. Ananya takes care of Deva and stays by his side. When Tara returns, she asks Ananya to continue looking after Deva while she goes to the hospital to check on her father. Deva, in a semi-conscious state, asks Tara not to leave. Ananya assures him that she will stay with him. Tara’s uncle informs his wife that Tara’s father has regained consciousness. His wife worries about what he might say once he’s fully conscious.

At the hospital, Arjun informs Tara that her father is out of danger and can go home soon. Tara shares an emotional moment with her father, expressing how scared everyone was. Her father thanks Arjun and asks him to always be by Tara’s side. Arjun promises to do so. However, Tara is shocked when her father asks her and Arjun to get married. The episode ends.

In the upcoming episode, Tara’s aunt informs Deva about Tara and Arjun’s fixed marriage, leaving him disappointed.


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