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Pushpa Impossible 8th December 2023 Written Update: Ashwin takes a drastic decision

Pushpa Impossible 8th December 2023 Written Update on

In the latest episode, Pushpa expresses her worries to Juggal about her children. She seeks comfort from him and he assures her that everything will be alright. Unfortunately, Bapodhara misunderstands their close bond and assumes they are having an affair. He recalls what the people in the colony have been saying about Pushpa and Juggal. Meanwhile, Deepti is upset about Ashwin’s behavior towards her. Prathna accidentally breaks Deepti’s perfume, leading to Deepti venting her frustration on her. Pushpa intervenes and sends Prathna inside, trying to calm both of them down. Pushpa then consoles Deepti and assures her that things will work out.

Later, Ashwin approaches Pushpa and asks her for the water jug. Pushpa, however, refuses to be called his mother and confronts him about his actions. The rest of the family members come out and witness the tense situation. Pushpa decides to punish Ashwin by revoking his right to call her mother. This shocks Ashwin, who questions her decision and why she didn’t let him go to jail. Pushpa explains that it is her duty to protect him, hence she paid the penalty. Deepti pleads with Pushpa to forgive Ashwin, but he defends himself, claiming that everything he did was for the sake of the family. Pushpa scolds him and he storms off.

Meanwhile, Bapodhara discusses their problems with Susheela and expresses his belief that everything will be resolved once Ashwin is imprisoned. However, Susheela informs him that Pushpa paid the penalty, preventing Ashwin from going to jail. This leaves Bapodhara wondering how Pushpa managed to arrange the money.

Ashwin seeks Kaku’s advice and tells him about Pushpa’s punishment. He asks Kaku to talk to Pushpa on his behalf. Kaku advises Ashwin to rectify his mistake and earn back his rights. Ashwin is left in tears.

The next day, Chirag prepares tea and Bapodhara approaches him, inquiring about how Pushpa obtained the money. Chirag lies to Bapodhara, claiming that Pushpa took a loan. Susheela takes Bapodhara aside and urges him to accept Chirag as their son-in-law due to his changed behavior. However, Bapodhara dismisses her suggestion.

Later on, Ashwin confides in Chirag about Pushpa’s punishment. Chirag decides to speak to Pushpa about it and confronts her. Ashwin sarcastically applauds Chirag’s acting skills, revealing his jealousy towards him. Pushpa interrupts and explains that she punished Ashwin because he failed to realize his mistake. Deepti and Rashi join in, urging Ashwin to seek forgiveness from Pushpa. However, Ashwin declares that he is unworthy to stay in the house and announces his decision to leave in order to solve their problems. This leaves everyone in shock.

In the upcoming episode, Bapodara accuses Juggal and Pushpa of having an affair, leading to a heated confrontation between Chirag and Bapodara. The situation escalates, resulting in Bapodara falling off the steps.


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