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Dabangii 7th December 2023 Written Update: Ankush’s outburst lands him in trouble

Dabangii 7th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Ankush imparting a valuable life lesson to Arya using Lord Ganesh as an example. He emphasizes the importance of self-trust and reminds Arya that no one’s blood is impure. Arya, feeling mature like her father, expresses this to Ankush, who then abruptly leaves, possibly reflecting on Bela.

Ankush’s father questions how long Ankush will endure these taunts and how long Arya will be labeled as having impure blood. Ankush explains that he is doing this to protect Arya.

Satya tells Kasturi that the truth will inevitably surface, no matter how hard someone tries to conceal it. Jaanrao interrupts their conversation and mentions that they will be arriving tomorrow, leaving Kasturi curious about who is coming and if something significant is going to occur. Satya cryptically responds that there will be a blast tomorrow.

The following day, Ankush and his father attempt to cook breakfast in the kitchen. However, Arya notices their lack of culinary skills and comments on it. She believes that she won’t be able to enjoy proper food until Bela returns home.

Reporters approach Arya and inquire about her father. They express their desire to interview him and request Arya’s photo. Arya agrees and poses for the reporters.

Ankush approaches Arya, but the reporters surround him and question how a police officer like him could have an illegitimate daughter. Ankush takes Arya inside, and the reporters continue to inquire about her legitimacy. Ankush defends Arya, stating that she is a member of the prestigious Rajyavarkar family and has their blood running through her veins. However, Bela is heartbroken upon hearing this. Ankush attempts to reach out to Bela, but the reporters bombard him with more questions.

Ankush returns to the house and locks the door, feeling upset about the situation. Meanwhile, Arya prepares turmeric milk with the help of her grandfather and decides to give it to Ankush to comfort him.

Avdabai consoles Bela while Kasturi provokes her. Sai asks Bela why she is crying, and Bela fabricates a reason. Sai suspects that Bela may have had an argument with Ankush.

Ankush resolves to do whatever it takes to hide the truth from Satya that Arya is his daughter. However, Satya overhears the news about Ankush having an illegitimate daughter named Arya.

The episode concludes.

Precap: Sai confronts Ankush and questions how he can spend time with Arya while Bela is in tears. Sai declares that she will no longer visit from now on. Additionally, Kasturi instigates Bela to sign the divorce papers.


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