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Dhruv Tara 7th December 2023 Written Update: Antara convinces Bhavosa

Dhruv Tara 7th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Antara trying to convince Bhavosa, but Bhavosa asks Antara if she is ready to accept their relationship. Surya tells Bhavosa that he is thinking about his sister’s well-being and reminds her that Dhruv and Meenakshi are deeply in love. Surya explains to Bhavosa that Meenakshi won’t find a life partner like Dhruv because she loves him.

Dhruv confides in Rajmata, expressing that he does not love Meenakshi and that he loves Tara instead. He tells Bhavosa that he cannot marry Meenakshi and ruin her life. Dhruv also informs Rajmata that he has decided to tell the truth to Meenakshi because he doesn’t want to break her heart like his own.

Bhavosa expresses her disapproval of Meenakshi’s decision to marry Dhruv and insists that Meenakshi should marry a king instead. Antara advises Bhavosa to calm down and make a rational decision. Bhavosa tells Surya that she doesn’t want to delay the wedding and plans to find a king for Meenakshi and arrange the wedding within two days. Bhavosa wants Meenakshi to forget Dhruv completely. Meenakshi overhears Bhavosa’s words and cuts her wrist, claiming that she would rather die than not marry Dhruv. Surya is shocked by Meenakshi’s drastic step and questions why she did it. Antara urges Surya to quickly take Meenakshi to the dispensary. Surya explains to Bhavosa that Meenakshi has become a burden for her, leading to this extreme action. Bhavosa asserts that she is unafraid and reminds Surya that it is her responsibility to uphold culture and tradition in the kingdom.

Antara reassures Meenakshi that everything will be fine. Dhruv attempts to check on Meenakshi, but Bheera stops him. Bheera instructs Antara to take Meenakshi to the dispensary. Bheera confronts Dhruv, blaming him for Meenakshi’s condition, and tries to hit him. However, Surya intervenes to prevent Bheera from harming Dhruv.

Antara tries to wake up Meenakshi, but she remains unresponsive. Bheera tells Surya to stay away as he seeks revenge for Meenakshi. Bheera declares that Meenakshi is his sister, not Surya’s, and reveals that Dhruv is important to him because Dhruv saved Shaurya’s life. However, Dhruv holds no importance for him. Bheera vows to cut off Dhruv’s head.

Surya inquires about Meenakshi’s condition from Antara, who sadly informs him that Meenakshi has passed away. Everyone is shocked by this news, and Surya is left traumatized.

Bhavosa rushes to Meenakshi’s side and embraces her. Surya recalls the harsh words he said to Meenakshi about Dhruv and assures her that she will marry him. Bhavosa cries, and Meenakshi calls out to her. Meenakshi regains consciousness and tells Bhavosa that she will not change her decision. Surya questions Antara’s actions, asking why she did this. Bhavosa berates Antara for declaring Meenakshi dead and attempts to slap her but refrains. Antara apologizes to Bhavosa, explaining that she only wanted to make them understand Meenakshi’s pain. Antara pleads with Bhavosa to accept their relationship and agree to their wedding. Surya convinces Bhavosa that it is in Dhruv and Meenakshi’s best interest for her to give her blessings. Bhavosa tells Meenakshi that she understands there is no other option and agrees to their marriage. However, she admits that the pain will remain in her heart forever.
Dhruv confides in Rajmata that he cannot play with Meenakshi’s feelings and refuses to marry her. Rajmata insists that he cannot reject the marriage because she believes in him. Rajmata advises Dhruv to forget about Tara and accept that Dhruv Tara cannot be together forever.

Precap: Bhavosa wants to uncover Dhruv’s wife to expose him. Surya desires to become the new king of Vallavgarh.


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