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Dhruv Tara 28th November 2023 Written Update: Dhruv and Meenakshi’s secret meeting

Dhruv Tara 28th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Surya asking Dhruv about the events of the previous night. Surya expresses his surprise at learning about Dhruv’s wife for the first time. Dhruv admits that he doesn’t remember what he told Surya. Antara learns from Surya that Dhruv’s wife is still alive. Confused by the situation between Surya and Dhruv, Antara seeks guidance from Kanhaji. Surya informs Dhruv that he has decided to find his wife. Although Dhruv claims to have forgotten everything about his wife, he wants to uncover the truth before moving on. Surya advises Dhruv that he must find his wife in order to do so. Dhruv insists that this is his personal puzzle and he will solve it on his own. He refuses to leave until he gets answers. Surya asks Antara to pray to Kanhaji for Dhruv to reunite with his wife soon.

Antara confesses to Kanhaji that Surya doesn’t remember anything from the previous night, but Dhruv is aware that she is Tara. She admits that she has high expectations for Dhruv, which she feels unable to fulfill. Antara asks Kanhaji for the strength to make a tough decision and send Dhruv away.

Meanwhile, Bhavosa and Shaurya are enjoying guavas. Antara approaches Bhavosa and tells her that there is someone in the kingdom who needs to leave as they don’t deserve to stay. Bhavosa asks who she is referring to, and Antara shows Dhruv wandering around the Rajmahal. Sona plans to arrange a meeting between Dhruv and Meenakshi in the store room. Dhruv believes that Tara has called him, while Meenakshi thinks of Dhruv. Antara explains to Bhavosa that Dhruv has saved Shaurya’s life and received treatment from her. Antara apologizes for treating him as a responsibility rather than as a queen. Bhavosa reminds Antara that Dhruv is Surya’s friend. Antara expresses her insecurities about the unmarried girls in the house.

In the store room, Meenakshi enters and Sona locks her inside. Bhavosa learns from Antara about Dhruv and Meenakshi’s situation. Antara reveals that she overheard Sona and Chandi gossiping about Dhruv and Meenakshi. Antara emphasizes the need to protect Meenakshi’s reputation and the kingdom’s image. She requests Bhavosa to permanently send Dhruv away from Devgarh.

Surya Partap announces to his ministers that he will visit the farmers in his kingdom to show appreciation for their hard work. He plans to give them gifts and has made all the necessary arrangements. Before writing a letter to the farmers, Surya comes across a love letter he had written to Antara on Diwali night. Worried about the letter falling into Antara’s hands, Surya decides to deal with the situation.

In the store room, Meenakshi starts suffocating and calls for help. Dhruv opens the door and finds Meenakshi lying on the floor. Sona and Chandi witness the scene and feel satisfied with the success of their plan. Sona informs Bhavosa about the incident in the store room.

In the upcoming episode, Bhavosa orders Dhruv’s hand to be cut for touching Meenakshi.


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