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Katha Ankahee 28th November 2023 Written Update: Teji apologises to Aarav

Katha Ankahee 28th November 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode begins with Aarav sharing his bond with Viaan with Ruhi’s grandparents. However, he becomes upset when he accuses Viaan of lying and hurting him and his mother. Aarav storms off, leaving everyone surprised. Vikram advises Pari, while Ruhi expresses her fear of losing Aarav and Katha. But her grandparents reassure her that nothing like that will happen.

Meanwhile, Aarav comes out of the room unexpectedly, which shocks everyone. Teji apologizes to Aarav, and he questions her about hurting Katha. Katha scolds Aarav for his behavior and tries to stop Teji from revealing the truth. However, Teji refuses to listen and tells Aarav about her past actions that hurt Katha. Aarav, feeling betrayed, asks the Raghuvanshis to leave and not to show their faces again. He then hugs Katha, leaving everyone feeling sad.

On the other hand, Ruhi expresses her belief that Viaan is a good person who loves both Katha and Aarav. She fears losing her family again, but her grandparents assure her that it won’t happen. In the living area, Ehsan pleads with Raghav to release Katha and Aarav from their bond, believing that Katha, Viaan, and Aarav are meant to be together. Vanya also joins Ehsan in convincing Raghav to change his mind.

Katha, however, tells everyone that she has moved on and asks Viaan to leave her life. Viaan gets hurt and stops Ehsan from speaking further. He thanks Raghav for allowing him closure and praises Aarav for taking good care of Katha. Viaan then leaves with his family members, leaving Katha and Aarav with teary eyes.

At Raghuvanshi’s house, Teji asks Viaan about his plan, but Viaan reveals that he now understands Katha and wants to settle in Paris without her knowing. Teji is left speechless. Meanwhile, Raghav meets Katha and asks her if she still loves Viaan. Katha admits that she did love him but believes they are not meant to be together. She apologizes to Raghav for everything his family has gone through and agrees to marry him.

The next day, Viaan is busy packing, and Teji gives him a box of memories. However, Viaan decides not to take it with him, as he believes his memories of Katha and Aarav are enough. Meanwhile, Raghav informs Katha about their upcoming marriage registration and gives her a gift. Katha recalls her memories with Viaan but lies to Raghav. Aarav receives a courier from Viaan containing his paintings and a letter, which makes him emotional.

In the upcoming episode, Raghav asks Katha if she still has feelings for Viaan, and Vanya shocks Katha by revealing Viaan’s plan to leave Mumbai.


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