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Dhruv Tara 30th November 2023 Written Update: Surya Pratap trust Dhruv alot.

Dhruv Tara 30th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Shaurya waking up Dhruv and urgently asking Bheera where he is taking him. Bheera informs Shaurya that they are taking Dhruv far away from Rajmahal. Shaurya pleads with Bheera not to take Dhruv away from him. Shaurya tries to wake Dhruv up and asks Antara to stop Bheera from taking him away. However, Antara explains to Shaurya that sometimes things don’t go as planned and everyone has to move on at some point. She advises Shaurya to let Dhruv go. Shaurya, however, refuses to accept this and holds onto Dhruv, crying. Antara informs Shaurya that Dhruv’s health is not well and he needs to go home. She acknowledges that it is difficult to witness this separation, but it is necessary for the well-being of both father and son. Antara blames herself for the situation and acknowledges her role in separating Dhruv from Shaurya.

Meanwhile, Surya Partap expresses his gratitude to the farmers for their hard work in cultivating more crops in the kingdom. He announces that they now have a surplus of crops and can assist other kingdoms in need. Surya exempts the farmers from paying taxes this year, which brings them great joy. As Surya leaves, Shaurya feels a strong connection and calls out to him.

Antara advises Shaurya to accept their fate and requests him to seek Dhruv’s blessings as they are uncertain when they will meet again. Shaurya follows her advice and takes Dhruv’s blessings. Sona questions why Shaurya needs to take blessings from Dhruv, to which Antara explains that Dhruv saved Shaurya’s life and is the reason he is alive. Antara urges Shaurya to let Dhruv go, but he pleads with her to stop Dhruv. Bhavosa tells Antara to take Shaurya inside while ordering the soldiers to take Dhruv away.

Shaurya insists on staying with Dhruv, but Bheera commands the soldiers to take Dhruv to a deep, inaccessible place. Antara reminisces about her memories with Dhruv as the soldiers take him away and leave him there.

Meanwhile, Meenakshi wakes up and recalls the events that transpired. Surya Pratap returns to Rajmahal and summons Shaurya, who informs him about Dhruv being taken away. Bheera accuses Dhruv of trying to take advantage of their well-being, but Surya defends Dhruv, stating that he can judge people. Bhavosa supports Bheera’s claim, but Surya disagrees, saying that appearances can be deceiving. Meenakshi reveals that she received a letter asking her to meet in the store room. When she arrived, someone locked the door from the outside, causing her to faint due to suffocation. Meenakshi clarifies that Dhruv was only trying to help her. Bhavosa questions why Meenakshi went to the store room alone, and Bheera shows her the letter as proof. Surya trusts both Meenakshi and Dhruv and asks if Dhruv misbehaved with her, but Meenakshi assures him that Dhruv is innocent. Bhavosa argues that Dhruv is playing a trick, but Surya disagrees and asks Meenakshi to explain further.

Meenakshi reveals that Dhruv is a kind-hearted person and someone is conspiring against him. Bhavosa suggests that Surya should learn from Antara’s quick decision-making and send Dhruv away. Meenakshi is shocked to learn that Bhavosa took the decision from Antara. Bhavosa predicts that Dhruv will soon meet his demise in the inaccessible place.

Tara visits Dhruv in the inaccessible place and notices a picture of Lord Krishna. She seeks his blessings and tries to move a stone, which suddenly emits a bright light. Tara discovers a gate opening and removes the metal chain from Dhruv’s body. Tearfully, she apologizes to Dhruv and embraces him. However, she tells him that she cannot accept him and live with him. Tara believes that Surya is her protector and a good person. She sets Dhruv free, asking him to start a new life while apologizing for not being able to fulfill her promise. Tara asks for his forgiveness and carries him in her arms, crying.

In the preview, Meenakshi accuses Antara of punishing an innocent man. Surya confronts Antara, who confesses that she believes Dhruv is harmful and asks Surya to trust her instincts.


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