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Dhruv Tara 4th December 2023 Written Update: Tara breaks relation with Dhruv

Dhruv Tara 4th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Surya saving Antara from a group of goons. Unfortunately, Surya gets stabbed in the stomach during the fight. However, he manages to defeat all the goons and is praised by the villagers for his bravery.

Antara tends to Surya’s wounds and tells him that the batch he carries is not ordinary but special. She promises to make medicine to heal his wounds. Surya asks Antara if she wanted to discuss something with him earlier. Antara, however, decides to keep her feelings hidden until Surya expresses his love for her.

Later, Shaurya notices the decorations in Rajmahal and wonders if there is a festival. He asks Surya about the occasion and learns that it is a mother’s puja. Shaurya expresses his desire to make ladoos for his mother but admits he doesn’t know how. Surya suggests that Shaurya can help by offering water to his mother instead. Bheera mocks Surya and Shaurya, but Surya encourages Shaurya to focus on the task at hand.

Surya brings a food platter for Bhavosa, and both Antara and Surya seek her blessings. Bhavosa appreciates the food prepared by Surya every year. Meenakshi, however, is not pleased to see Antara holding the platter. Bhavosa gives the first bite to Meenakshi, followed by Surya, Bheera, and Antara. Surya expresses his gratitude to Bhavosa for loving him like her own son, despite being an orphan. He also acknowledges Bheera’s respect for Bhavosa.

Meanwhile, Antara, Sona, and Chandi perform a dance for Bhavosa. Antara notices a lady wearing a ghoonghat and tries to see her face, but the lady runs away. Bhavosa thanks everyone for joining the festival. A woman from the crowd mentions that Meenakshi’s marriage will be the biggest occasion. Meenakshi walks away, crying and missing Dhruv. Surya comforts her and encourages her to share her pain. Meenakshi confesses her love for Dhruv and how much she misses him.

In a surprising turn of events, Antara follows the lady and discovers that she is her mother.

In the precap, Tara informs Dhruv that she is ending their relationship. Rajmata also threatens to sever ties with Tara. Meanwhile, Meenakshi asks Dhruv to marry her.


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