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Dabangii 4th December 2023 Written Update: Tanmay frames Arya

Dabangii 4th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode begins with Ankush questioning Satya about why he is throwing a party for Sai. Satya reminds Ankush that Sai has a connection with him, which is enough reason to celebrate. Sai also requests Ankush to allow the party, and he agrees. Satya secretly reveals to Ankush that a big secret will be unveiled at this party, which will turn his life upside down.

Arya and her grandfather admire the grand decorations made for Sai’s birthday. Arya appreciates the effort put into it. She then notices the birthday cake and reminisces about her past birthdays spent with Chaya.

Sai expresses her gratitude to Satya for organizing her birthday preparations. Bela also thanks Satya for arranging the party. Satya tells Bela not to mention it and makes a remark about Ankush.

Kasturi signals to a servant, who accidentally spills juice on Arya’s dress. Ankush offers to change Arya’s dress, but Kasturi insists that Sai should not cut the cake without them. A maid is instructed to change Arya’s dress, and she takes Arya away.

Sai proceeds to cut the cake, and Tanmay suggests that she should have cake smeared on her face as a tradition. However, Sai refuses, fearing that her dress will get ruined. She playfully escapes from Tanmay’s grasp.

Tanmay accidentally drops a table fan on Sai, but Arya swiftly catches it to protect Sai. Unfortunately, Arya loses her grip, causing the fan to fall and spoil Sai’s dress.

Bela notices Sai crying and goes to comfort her. Tanmay accuses Arya of purposely dropping the fan on Sai, but Arya defends herself, stating that she caught the fan to save Sai. Kasturi makes a derogatory comment about Arya being an orphan, but Arya asserts that she is not. She proudly reveals that her father is a brave police officer. Ankush asks his father to take the children away, and they are escorted out of the party.

Kasturi questions Ankush about the discrepancy between his claim that Arya is an orphan and Arya’s statement about her police officer father. The onlookers gossip about Ankush possibly being Arya’s father. Satya urges Ankush to clarify the situation and deny any connection with Arya. Ankush notices Bela’s silence and reminds her that he had already explained why Arya thinks that way. Kasturi directly asks Ankush if Arya is his illegitimate daughter.

The episode concludes.

Precap: Kasturi attempts to throw Arya out of the party, but Ankush intervenes and instructs Arya to consider him as her father while protecting her.


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