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Dhruv Tara 6th December 2023 Written Update: Antara tries to convince Bhavosa.

Dhruv Tara 6th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Antara feeling guilty for hurting Dhruv with her words and wanting him to leave.

Dhruv accepts Meenakshi’s proposal and she touches his feet. Meenakshi tells Surya that Dhruv has accepted her proposal and runs to him with excitement. Surya is in disbelief because Dhruv was deeply saddened by the loss of his wife. Meenakshi assures Surya that she will win Dhruv’s love.

Shaurya asks Antara why she is upset. Antara hugs Shaurya and he wipes away her tears. Shaurya asks Antara what he can do to make her mother happy.

Surya asks Dhruv if he is really accepting Meenakshi’s proposal, to which Dhruv affirms.

Antara instructs her servant to serve food to her special guest and requests her to eat.

Rajmata refuses to eat and returns the food platter. Shaurya sprays water on Rajmata to calm her down. Rajmata asks Shaurya who he is, and he introduces himself as Antara and Surya’s son. Shaurya seeks Rajmata’s blessings and she hugs him. Antara wants Rajmata to bless Shaurya and leave Devgarh forever.

Surya tells Dhruv that he is happy for him for accepting his sister’s proposal. Surya acknowledges Dhruv’s pain but encourages him to move on and start a new life. Surya asks Dhruv to wait and rest while he handles things.

Antara walks with Shaurya and he tells her that he has done something to make her happy by talking to her relative. Antara tells Shaurya not to think too much and asks him to go play. Surya approaches Antara and asks for her help with a favor. Antara learns from Surya that Dhruv is ready to marry Meenakshi. Antara is shocked to hear this, and Surya reveals that it was Meenakshi’s love that brought Dhruv back from the dark phase. He explains that Meenakshi has expressed her love for Dhruv and he has accepted her as his wife.

Bhavosa learns from Sona that the shagun (engagement ceremony) for Dhruv and Meenakshi’s upcoming wedding is ready. Bhavosa is shocked and expresses her anger. Sona tells Bhavosa that she was angry with Dhruv and questions how she can celebrate the news of Meenakshi’s wedding. Sona and Chandi take advantage of the situation and inform Bhavosa that Meenakshi is ready to marry Dhruv with Bhavosa’s permission. Bheera believes that Sona and Chandi’s plan will work this time.

Antara learns from Surya that Meenakshi is ready to marry Dhruv, and Surya asks her to convince Bhavosa for the wedding.

Meenakshi asks Surya why Antara would help her, and Surya assures Meenakshi that Antara will indeed help. Surya learns that Bhavosa wants to meet him from his servant.

Antara confronts Dhruv and questions why he is playing with Meenakshi’s emotions. Rajmata tells Antara that she no longer has the right to speak to Dhruv. Antara pleads with Dhruv to break off the wedding with Meenakshi.

Bhavosa tells Surya that she wonders where she went wrong in raising Meenakshi. Surya requests Bhavosa to agree to the wedding of Dhruv and Meenakshi. Surya asks Bhavosa to give her blessings to the couple. Bheera believes that Dhruv is taking advantage of the royal family and points out that Dhruv was the one who saved Shaurya and entered the royal family. Bhavosa agrees with Bheera and questions why Dhruv is suddenly ready to marry Meenakshi. Surya tells Bheera that decisions made in anger will not bring happiness and Bheera threatens to kill Dhruv.

Antara pleads with Dhruv not to marry Meenakshi as it will destroy her life.

Bhavosa tells Surya that she is not ready for Meenakshi and Dhruv’s wedding. Surya asks Antara to convince Bhavosa, but Bhavosa challenges Antara to accept their relationship first. Meenakshi wonders if Antara will truly help her or not.

Precap: Dhruv considers refusing the wedding as he feels he is ruining Meenakshi’s life. Meenakshi cuts her hands as a gesture of her commitment, as Bhavosa is ready to accept her love.


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