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Dabangii 6th December 2023 Written Update: Arya’s grandfather comes to her aid

Dabangii 6th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode of Dabangii begins with Ankush locking Arya in a room. Arya is upset and blames Ankush for making Bela cry. She pleads with Ankush to open the door, but he seems lost in his thoughts about Bela.

Arya feels abandoned as even Bela has left her. Meanwhile, Avdabai tries to console Bela and expresses her belief that Ankush wouldn’t do anything to hurt Arya. However, Bela suspects that Ankush is hiding something from her. Avdabai suggests that if Ankush claims that Arya is not their daughter, then she must not be. Kasturi overhears this conversation and questions Naina about her reaction if Jaanrao were to do something similar. Naina responds that she would rather die. Avdabai then takes Kasturi away from there.

Determined to meet Bela, Arya decides to take matters into her own hands. She pretends to be hungry, and when Ankush’s father opens the door, she seizes the opportunity to escape and locks the house from the outside. Arya then encounters Satya, who is wearing a flower crown. Satya playfully asks Arya how he looks with the crown on his head, to which Arya jokingly replies that he looks like a cartoon. Arya requests the crown, but Satya insists that she needs to win it from him. Arya reminds Satya that she has already defeated him once before, but Satya argues that she only defeated his men, not him. Arya distracts Satya, takes the flower crown, and makes her way out.

Meanwhile, Tanmay and Sai engage in a game of hide and seek. During the game, Sai discovers a photo of Damini in an old album. Tanmay catches Sai and becomes curious about the photo. He decides to ask Kasturi about the person in the photo.

Ankush manages to break free from the locked room and begins searching for Arya. Arya reaches Satya’s house and accidentally bumps into Tanmay, causing him to drop Damini’s photo. Arya then finds Bela and pleads with her to return home. However, Kasturi intervenes and forcefully takes Arya away. Arya implores Bela to accept the flower crown and forgive Ankush.

Kasturi escorts Arya out of the house and prevents her from reentering. Ankush’s father steps in and warns Kasturi not to touch Arya, as she is a part of their family. He takes Arya away from the scene. Meanwhile, Satya unknowingly drops Damini’s photo into a plant pot.

Arya contemplates how to bring Bela back home, considering Bela’s anger towards Ankush. On the other hand, Ankush’s father believes that Arya is unaware that Ankush is hiding her secret to protect her.

Satya tries to comfort Bela and suggests that Ankush may have succumbed to his emotions and made a mistake. Avdabai makes a comment about Satya, and Sai decides to ask her mother about the photo later after seeing Bela crying.

The next day, Ankush is seen doing household chores. Satya taunts him by asking Sai and Tanmay to play in the lawn. Satya then asks Sai what she wants, and Sai expresses her desire for a dollhouse. This makes Ankush contemplate Sai’s wishes.

In a shocking turn of events, Ankush catches Arya just as she is about to harm herself by slitting her wrist. He stops her and asks why she would do such a thing. Arya reveals that Kasturi had called her “dirty blood,” and she wanted to see if her blood was truly dirty.

The episode concludes with a preview where reporters question Ankush about Arya’s true identity, suggesting that she may be either an orphan or his illegitimate daughter. In front of the reporters, Ankush admits that Arya carries the blood of the Rajyavarkar family.

Precap: The reporters’ inquiries about Arya’s background lead Ankush to confess in front of them that Arya is indeed related to the Rajyavarkar family.


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