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Vanshaj 6th December 2023 Written Update: Vidur and Neel receive notice to vacate house.

Vanshaj 6th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Isha receiving her photoshoot pictures, and Simone expressing her excitement for the photos to be published in prominent magazines. Yuvika and Dada Babu are lighting diyas when DJ approaches and asks if he can light one as well. Dada Babu welcomes him for the aarti, and together they complete the puja. Bhoomi, who is also present, becomes suspicious of DJ. Dada Babu tells DJ that he is pleased to see him in the temple for the first time and encourages everyone to do their work with dedication and accept life’s decisions as blessings from God.

DJ smirks and vows to carry out his enmity with full dedication. Yuvika mentions that she has to leave for the office, and Dada Babu suggests going together, but she insists on going first and asks him to join her later. DJ remarks that even Prem should have set an example like this because when the chairperson arrives on time, the staff will follow suit. Bhoomi gives Yuvika her lunchbox and advises her to eat on time. Vidur asks Neel if he will drop Yuvika off at the office. Neel replies that there is no difference in their status and reminds Vidur that Yuvika is a Naggar, not a Mahajan.

Harsh arrives and informs Vidur that they have to vacate the house, handing them a notice. Vidur tells Neel to drop Yuvika off at the office and return quickly, as it would be better for them to distance themselves from the Mahajans as soon as possible. Yuvika waits for Neel, but when he doesn’t arrive on time, she leaves in an auto-rickshaw. Neel feels devastated and apologizes to Yuvika in his mind. Yuvika reaches the office and is greeted by the staff.

Yuvika enters Prem’s chamber, but Ritika informs her that the chairperson’s cabin is on the other side. Yuvika insists on using her father’s chamber, as it holds sentimental value for her. Yuvika becomes emotional upon entering the office room. When Ritika suggests changing the chair, Yuvika asks for tape instead, as she doesn’t want to replace the chair that Prem used. She finds a letter from her father about his promise as the chairperson and pledges to follow the same principles. Vivek enters the cabin and compliments Yuvika. Yuvika asks about the meetings she requested to set up for the board members and the laborers.

Yuvika suggests that she needs to fire some staff members and informs Vivek and Karan that they are fired for their habit of insincerely praising higher authorities. Dada Babu approves of Yuvika’s decision. Vidur enters the office, and Dada Babu informs him about Yuvika firing Karan and Vivek. Vidur expresses how relaxed he feels after many years. Dada Babu reveals that he has decided to give his 11% share of the property to Shubhdra. Yuvika addresses the laborers and expresses her desire to talk to them. They invite her to join them for lunch. The laborers offer to have their salaries reduced so that Yuvika doesn’t have to bear the burden alone. Yuvika jokes with them and suggests, instead of cutting their salaries, that she would like to request them to increase their working hours. The episode ends.

Precap: Vidur warns Dada Babu about DJ and Dhanraj’s intentions. Neel comes to the office for an interview and addresses Yuvika as “madam.”


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