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Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka 6th December 2023 Written Update: Kiki pleads for Aradhana’s forgiveness

Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka 6th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with the priest emphasizing the significance of the thread that Jai and Aradhana are about to hold. He instructs them to hold it, but Jai refuses. Aradhana questions him, and Jai explains that she often forgets that they are both getting married, not just her. He expresses his concerns about their relationship after marriage and accuses Aradhana of being influenced by Reyansh, causing her to forget the importance of marriage in her quest for revenge. Jai advises Aradhana to take her time and consider her actions. Aradhana is left speechless by Jai’s words. Meanwhile, Reyansh appears sad outside the police station.

Jai is questioned by a fellow prisoner for not refusing to marry Aradhana, who insists on marrying him. Jai tells him that he wouldn’t understand. On the other hand, Aradhana is questioned by her fellow prisoner for choosing Jai as her husband. She recalls Jakruti asking her the same question and explains to her prison mate that Jai agreed to marry her knowing that she would never love him. Jai only wanted her happiness and didn’t expect anything in return. The two discuss their perspectives on love.

Reyansh remembers Aradhana’s challenge and feels upset about what happened after Aradhana decided to marry Jai. The next day, Aradhana is released from prison and sees Reyansh sleeping outside. She sits beside him, and he wakes up. Reyansh admits that she defeated him and reminisces about the time he fell in love with her. Aradhana reminds him of the pain he caused her. Reyansh acknowledges that love comes with suffering, but Aradhana disagrees, stating that her views on love are different. She believes they must live with the memories they once created. Aradhana informs Reyansh that she didn’t marry Jai because he made her realize her actions were wrong. Reyansh is relieved to hear this but becomes upset and confused when Aradhana reveals her plan to marry Jai properly.

Aradhana contacts her lawyer, who informs Reyansh that he has restraining orders preventing him from approaching her. Aradhana accuses Reyansh of mentally harassing her, her family, and her fiancé in front of everyone. She informs him that the court is on leave for the next two days, so he can’t stop her wedding with Jai. Aradhana leaves with Jai, while Reyansh is taken to prison. Determined, Reyansh vows not to let Aradhana marry Jai.

Aradhana becomes upset and disturbed, imagining marrying Reyansh. However, her mood is disrupted when her dupatta catches fire during the wedding rituals with Jai. Malini and Bhakti enter the room and express their happiness. Malini also mentions missing Kimaya. Kiki arrives and pleads with Aradhana for forgiveness. Aradhana is pleased to see Kiki participating in her wedding and agrees to let her bring Haldi from Jai’s house. Kiki hugs Aradhana but smirks secretly.

In the upcoming episode, Kiki abducts Jai and demands his love, but Jai refuses. Meanwhile, Aradhana is shocked to discover that she is performing wedding rituals with Reyansh, who has replaced Jai. Kiki holds Jai at gunpoint and fires a bullet.


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