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Dil Diyaan Gallaan 17th October 2023 Written Update: Maan receives divorce papers

Dil Diyaan Gallaan 17th October 2023 Written Update on

In this episode, Salty asks Nimrit for food. Nimrit informs her that pest control work was carried out in the kitchen and she will bring the food to her. Sanjot expresses her resentment towards Salty, but Salty admits to feeling ashamed of her actions and acknowledges the punishment she has received from God. Sanjot assures Salty that she will receive her food and goes inside. Nimrit, however, issues a warning to Salty before delivering the food.

Meanwhile, Maan confesses to Veer that he is unsure how to apologize to Aastha. Veer suggests that Maan practice with him. As they engage in conversation, Aastha calls Maan. Veer notices the strong connection between Maan and Aastha and leaves them to talk. Aastha asks Maan to receive a courier and ends the call. Maan receives the courier, and to his surprise, it contains divorce papers.

Elsewhere, Veer realizes he forgot to bring a bath towel and voices his frustration. Shekhar and Alia overhear this and Alia instructs Disha to give Veer a towel. Disha complies and hands over the towel to Veer. Veer then realizes that a button is missing from his shirt, and Disha offers to sew it back on. She finds amusement in his reaction and reminds him that he can still smile, even though his smile disappeared after Amrita’s death. Veer manages a faint smile in response.

Nimrit becomes concerned about Rana’s whereabouts and he eventually arrives, expressing his displeasure. Nimrit tries to explain that she didn’t intentionally cause any harm, but Rana finds it difficult to understand or tolerate her. However, he chooses to stay in Delhi instead of throwing her out of the house. Rana reveals that Maan and Aastha have suffered greatly because of Nimrit’s actions, and he hopes that confessing the truth to them will alleviate some of his guilt.

Salty gives toys to Shekhar, who becomes excited upon receiving them. Salty instructs Alia to bring more toys, but Alia refuses, stating that she already has plenty. Instead, Salty offers Alia a make-up kit, and Alia accepts it, unaware of Salty’s ulterior motives to use her to win over Shekhar.

The following day, Maan and Rana have a drink together. Maan confides in Rana about the divorce papers he received. Rana suggests talking to Aastha, but Maan insists that Aastha is in the right and asks Rana not to intervene.

Nimrit informs Sanjot and Dilpreet about Rana’s decision to go to Delhi and reveal the truth to Maan. They realize they must stop Rana from doing so. They approach Maan and Rana and are shocked to learn that Aastha has sent divorce papers.

Later, Dilpreet reveals to Sanjot that Veer wants to return, Rana wants to leave, and Aastha wants to divorce Maan. Sanjot questions why God is punishing them in this way. Dilpreet blames Salty for all the chaos and storms off. Sanjot cries, and Disha offers her comfort. Sanjot shares her concerns about her family falling apart, but Disha assures her that she will handle everything.

The episode concludes with a precap, where Salty informs Rohan that she plans to bring Shekhar to him.


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