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Dil Diyaan Gallaan 18th October 2023 Written Update: Disha wants to stop Maan’s divorce

Dil Diyaan Gallaan 18th October 2023 Written Update on

In the latest episode, Salty informs Rohan that she will hand over Shekhar to him. She also tells Alia that they will get Shekhar admitted to her school, which excites Alia. Veer asks where they are going, and Salty explains that they are going to drop the kids off at school. However, she secretly takes the tiffin box from Alia’s bag without anyone noticing.

Meanwhile, Sanjot tells Disha that Veer is getting used to being away from Alia. Disha reassures her that the distance between Veer and Alia will decrease, and she is confident that Veer will embrace Alia wholeheartedly. Sanjot also mentions the baby dress and reveals that they belong to Veer.

Later, Salty hands Alia’s bag to her, and Disha asks where she is going. Salty explains that she is taking Shekhar to Alia’s school for his admission. Veer offers to accompany them, and they leave the house. However, Salty realizes that there is no tiffin box in Alia’s bag, so she sends Alia away and secretly takes Shekhar with her. Dilpreet arrives and stops Salty from leaving.

In another scene, Disha asks Rana if he is going somewhere and inquires about his conversation with Aastha. She expresses her concern about the recent events and feels like she is bringing bad luck to the house. Rana reassures her that they don’t think that way and she is not unlucky. Disha reveals her desire to stop Maan and Aastha’s divorce and asks for Rana’s help. However, he compares her to Amrita and decides not to go anywhere. Veer overhears their conversation and thanks Disha, acknowledging that she is part of his family too.

Meanwhile, Dilpreet questions Salty about where she is taking Shekhar. Salty lies and says that she wants to eat chaat. Dilpreet suggests that Sanjot makes delicious chaat and takes Shekhar with him. Sanjot questions Veer about leaving Shekhar with Salty, and Veer seems puzzled. Dilpreet returns with Shekhar and asks Veer to play with him. Veer promises to return after giving the tiffin box to Alia. Disha senses that Dilpreet is hiding something and discusses it with him, but he denies it. Disha informs Sanjot that she managed to stop Rana from leaving, and Sanjot expresses her happiness. Nimrit expresses her gratitude to Disha.

Veer spends time playing with Shekhar and promises to teach him. Disha urges Veer to show the same care towards Alia and brings up the topic of Maan and Aastha’s divorce, emphasizing that Alia is suffering through no fault of her own.

The episode ends with a precap, where Rohan asks Salty to kill Dilpreet.


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