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Doree 27th December 2023 Written Update: Ganga Prasad loses his cool

Doree 27th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Komal informing Kailash Devi that Doree caused Vansh’s hand to burn. She expresses her belief that Doree will set our house on fire as well and that she deserves to be punished. In response, Kailash Devi burns Doree’s hand and questions her audacity to ask Vansh to cook in the kitchen. Doree defends herself, stating that she did nothing wrong as her dad also cooked. Kailash Devi argues that it’s her father’s mistake and he should be punished for raising Doree in this manner. Doree, however, requests to be punished instead of her father, acknowledging her own mistake. Kailash Devi instructs Doree to clean the entire house with a broom. Meanwhile, Anand informs Neelu that he placed salt inside the trunk and asks her to bring Doree quickly, as she will die inside it. Anand believes that no one will suspect him. In the meantime, Doree questions Kailash Devi about how she can clean the house with her burnt hand. Kailash Devi replies that she will punish her father and Doree agrees to clean the house.

Ganga Prasad is worried about Doree’s future and contemplates sending her to school. He wonders what she will do after he passes away and recalls her mother, realizing she was not a good mother and that’s why she abandoned Doree in the river. Neelu sees this as an opportunity to abduct Doree and meets Anand in the store room. Ganga Prasad feels dizzy and sits on the floor, prompting Mansi to inquire about his well-being. Mansi notices Ganga Prasad’s condition and suggests he consult a doctor. She also asks him if she would take care of Doree after him and assures him of her support. Doree, on the other hand, is searching for a broom.

Neelu accidentally drops the chloroform, causing Doree to lose consciousness. She then takes Doree to the store room. Ganga Prasad asks Mansi if she will take care of Doree after him and she expresses her willingness, saying that only lucky people receive their daughter’s love. Doree is unable to live without Ganga Prasad, who realizes he doesn’t know how many days he has left and needs to save money for his daughter. Neelu hides Doree inside a mat while Kailash Devi applies ointment to Vansh’s wound. Komal remarks that Doree was hurt more than Vansh, but he is crying more. Vansh asks Komal to leave and throws water on her face when she raises her hand on him. He warns her to lower her eyes, and Kailash Devi praises him. Ganga Prasad is cooking roti for Doree, but Nani offers to cook instead. Ganga Prasad insists that Doree will be happy to see the roti after she finishes her training. Neelu confirms that no one is in the hall.

Raj tries to console Komal, who directs her anger towards him and adds chili to Vansh’s food. Ganga Prasad asks Nani about Doree, as it’s time to eat. He searches for Doree, while Neelu attempts to hide her from him. Komal informs Ganga Prasad that Doree failed her test and burned Vansh’s hand, resulting in Kailash Devi punishing her with cleaning the house using a broom. Ganga Prasad crosses the line, questioning Kailash Devi’s decision to give Doree a broom instead of a book. Kailash Devi asks him how he dares to cross the line, to which he responds that he will do anything for his Doree.

Episode ends


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