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Doree 8th December 2023 Written Update: Doree saves the newborn baby

Doree 8th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode of Doree begins with Doree informing Kailash Devi that she has brought a doctor to check on Komal, so there’s no need to take her anywhere. The inspector asks the doctor to examine Komal while Kailash Devi instructs the priest to begin the Havan. It is a significant day for her family, as Komal is giving birth in Basti, and they are hoping for a boy. Meanwhile, Raj reassures Komal that he is outside and there’s nothing to worry about. Mansi, on the other hand, wants Kailash Devi to have a boy and not a girl. Anand notices Raj feeling dizzy and supports him, while also thinking about the importance of having a girl as an heir to the family.

Raj is overjoyed when Neelu hands him the baby, hugging her tightly. However, his happiness turns to shock when he learns that it’s a girl. Anand, on the other hand, is pleased with the news. Vansh, their son, wishes for a brother to play with, while Doree considers the baby girl as a symbol of good fortune. Komal, however, is worried about giving birth to a girl, and Mansi fears for the safety of Komal’s baby, recalling what happened to her own daughter.

Meanwhile, Kailash Devi is upset that a girl was born in her family for the first time and questions why God has given them a girl. She even pours water on the Havan in frustration. Doree offers sweets to Raj, celebrating the arrival of the baby girl, and urges Vansh to have some too. Neelu takes the baby from Vansh’s hands, mentioning that she needs to feed the sweets to someone else. Anand wonders where Neelu is taking Doree.

Kailash Devi believes that Doree’s presence in their house has brought bad luck and decides not to accept the baby as part of her family. Neelu brings the baby to Kailash Devi and leaves to check on the second baby. Kailash Devi glares at the baby while Doree talks happily with her. Anand insists on knowing the truth about his daughter from Neelu. Kailash Devi expresses her dislike for the baby, stating that she will return the baby to God as she believes God gave her this baby as a test. She even tries to throw the baby down, but Doree catches her just in time. Doree questions Kailash Devi’s actions and expresses her love for the baby, deciding to take care of her.

Neelu reveals to Anand that Doree is his daughter, as Mansi gave birth to her. Anand recalls the troubles Doree has caused in their family and decides that he must end this truth once and for all. He contemplates pushing Doree into the fire. However, God intervenes and creates a fire to stop Anand. Ganga Prasad rushes to the scene, and Raj takes the baby from Doree’s hands.

In the next episode, Kailash Devi instructs Daima to kill the baby.

Episode end.

Precap: Kailash Devi orders Daima to kill the baby.


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