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Vanshaj 8th December 2023 Written Update: Dj makes things worse for Yuvika.

Vanshaj 8th December 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bhanu showing Shanti Prashad’s will and asking her to read it all properly. Bhanu says that all her expenses, allowances, and savings are Bhanu and Dhanraj’s responsibility according to the will that they would abide by. He says that since their father wrote all this in his will, he must have given it a good thought. Subhadra asks if he’s backing off from his commitment. Bhanu says he can’t go against his father’s instructions. Subhadra says that she won’t back off under any circumstances and would surely fight for her rights.

Yuvika’s assistant comes running and informs her that there has been an accident in the factory and some workers are badly injured. Since the ambulance would take time, Yuvika instructs them to take the injured person to the hospital immediately in whatever car they get to see outside. They take the injured person to the hospital in DJ’s car. The workers assure Yuvika that they wouldn’t let the work stop.

Bhoomi takes Ruhi to the hospital and gets her tests done. They receive confirmed news about her pregnancy. She cries and tells Bhoomi that Dj doesn’t love her. Bhoomi assures her that this child would bring Dj and her close to each other. She asks her to remain happy for the kid and not underestimate this child.

Bhanu reads the clauses of the contract and becomes furious. He shouts at Dhanraj for signing such a disgusting contract. He asks if he did this to seek revenge from Yuvika. Dhanraj says that he had to do this to keep the company’s shares intact. Dj comes and assures Bhanu that Yuvika would surely find a way and he fully trusts Yuvika. Yuvika enters Bhanu’s cabin and asks how she would cope up with the order. She says that she would somehow complete the manufacture of the garments but how would she do the individual packaging. Bhanu tells her that the Mahajan group can’t bear another failure at this moment so they must find a way. He says that there must be some way in the Mahajan group itself and he trusts in her capability. She says that only the workers might be able to give her a solution.

Simone does the next photo shoot with Isha. Dj calls Simone and asks if everything is going according to the plan. Yuvika gets a call from one of his managers who informs her that the workers are very stressed since they have heard about the packaging issue. Yuvika asks him to ask the workers not to worry about it and keep up with the production and she would meet them in a while. Yuvika thinks of a solution sitting in her cabin while Neel comes and asks her to come with him since he has found a solution to her problem.

Neel takes Yuvika to their factory. As Yuvika reaches the factory, she meets the workers’ wives and family waiting for her there. They ask her why she didn’t inform them about the packaging issue before. They say that they would do all the knitting themselves and get all the work done and get the delivery done on time. They start working immediately. Yuvika becomes overwhelmed hearing all this and thanks Neel. Bhoomi also comes to the factory with Isha and Arjun and helps the workers. Dj sees all this and becomes furious. Episode ends.

Precap: Dj plans something to not let Yuvika get the delivery done even after the manufacture and packaging of the products.


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