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Doree 9th December 2023 Written Update: Kailash Devi decides to kill the newborn girl

Doree 9th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Kailash Devi expressing disappointment that Komal gave birth to a girl first. However, the lady inspector denies this. Neelu then brings another baby, announcing that it’s a boy. Kailash Devi questions Neelu’s sad expression and then happily takes the baby in her hands, excited to have a grandson. But Neelu shocks Kailash Devi by revealing that the baby isn’t breathing. The doctor informs Kailash Devi that despite their efforts, they were unable to save the baby. In desperation, Kailash Devi pleads with the doctor to save her grandson at any cost.

Just then, a gurujii arrives and declares that it is pointless to try and save the child. Kailash Devi questions his knowledge without even looking at her grandson’s palm lines. The gurujii responds by saying that there are no lines on the baby’s hand. Kailash Devi implores the doctor to do everything possible to save her grandson, and the doctor agrees. Meanwhile, Doree recalls a flashback where Ganga Prasad takes her to the temple and a priest ties a holy thread around her wrist, stating that it will connect her to the Goddess and grant her every wish.

Doree unties the holy thread from her wrist and ties it around the baby’s wrist. Komal scolds Doree and asks her to stay away from the baby. Doree prays fervently for the baby’s survival, prioritizing it over her own schooling. Miraculously, the baby starts crying, leaving everyone astonished and relieved. Doree expresses her gratitude to the Goddess for answering her prayers, while Komal faints. Kailash Devi holds the baby in her arms, admiring him.

Ganga Prasad tells Doree that she is the most beautiful and special child in the world. The gurujii believes that Doree is a reflection of God and that she saved the baby. He blesses Doree, stating that wherever she goes, she will bring luck to the unfortunate. Ganga Prasad contemplates finding a way to send Doree to school, while Manan considers eliminating Doree before she ruins his fortune.

Satho and Doree discuss their resemblance as twins. Vansh suggests naming his brother Ansh, to which Doree playfully corrects him, saying that the newborn is her sister. Vansh refuses to accept his sister and insists on playing only with his brother before running away. Kailash Devi sends her sons away, determined to uphold the family tradition.

As Doree and Satho play and chat on their way, Kailash Devi encounters a lady holding her grandchildren in both hands. She tosses the newborn girl to the lady, instructing her to kill the baby. The lady questions what Kailash Devi will tell her family, to which Kailash Devi replies that she will lie about the baby being stolen. She believes that Komal will cry for a few days but eventually forget after seeing her son. Meanwhile, Doree searches for Satho and spots the lady with the newborn girl.

The episode concludes.

Precap: Anand attempts to harm Doree.


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