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Pushpa Impossible  9th December 2023 Written Update: Manish takes Ashwin and Deepti to his home

Pushpa Impossible 9th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Ashwin deciding to leave the house. Rashi tries to convince Ashwin not to make such a drastic decision, explaining that Pushpa is just speaking out of anger and doesn’t mean it. Pushpa confronts Ashwin, accusing him of threatening her by leaving the house. Ashwin responds by saying that he’s merely announcing his decision, just like she did. Pushpa dismisses his actions, telling him he can do whatever he wants. Ashwin starts packing his clothes, ignoring Deepti’s attempts to stop him.

Rashi informs Juggal that Ashwin is leaving the house. Juggal goes to Pushpa’s house to find out what’s happening.

Meanwhile, Mayur refuses to provide funds to Bapodara for the election. Susheela’s friend questions his decision, and Susheela reveals that she is preparing for Prathna’s farewell ritual, as 30 days have passed without any major issues. She also mentions that they will be redoing Chirag and Prathna’s wedding, with Bapodara’s involvement. Bapodara realizes he needs to do something.

Juggal arrives and asks Pushpa about the situation. He then tries to talk to Ashwin, but Ashwin rejects his presence, stating that he is no longer needed. Juggal is confused by Ashwin’s words, and Ashwin explains that he used to be his mother’s biggest support system, but now Juggal has replaced him. Chirag intervenes, questioning Ashwin’s behavior, but Ashwin tells him to shut up and asks him to leave. Deepti asks Chirag to go, and he leaves.

Rashi apologizes to Juggal for Ashwin’s behavior. Ashwin asks Deepti if she will come with him, but Deepti expresses her inability to leave Pushpa. Manish arrives at Pushpa’s house.

Rashi updates Manish about the situation, and he questions Ashwin’s decision to leave his own family in anger. Ashwin insists that he can’t stay there anymore. Manish suggests that Ashwin come and stay with him instead.

Pushpa takes Deepti aside and convinces her to go with Ashwin, explaining that if she leaves with him, there’s a chance to bring him back to the house. Deepti agrees to go with Ashwin at Pushpa’s insistence, and she tells Ashwin that she is coming too. This brings an emotional response from Ashwin. Deepti hugs Pushpa, and Manish asks them to sit in the car. Ashwin and Deepti leave.

Pushpa admits to Manish that she couldn’t guide Ashwin properly and hopes that he can. Manish assures her not to worry, as he and his wife will take care of Deepti and Ashwin.

Bapodara sees Ashwin and Deepti getting into the car with their bags and wonders where they are going. Manish bids farewell and leaves.

Rashi asks Pushpa to forgive Ashwin and end the matter. Pushpa explains that she needs to guide Ashwin in the right direction and questions whether Rashi would be okay with Ashwin earning money in an unethical way.

The episode ends.

Precap: Chirag confronts Bapodara for speaking ill of Pushpa, leading to Bapodara falling down the stairs.

The sanatorium staff brings Dilip to the Chawl, but Bapodara declares that Dilip will not stay there.


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