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Katha Ankahee 1st December 2023 Written Update: Aarav accepts Katha-Viaan’s relationship

Katha Ankahee 1st December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Katha expressing her love for Viaan to Raghav, but also acknowledging that Raghav will always be like family to her. She then asks Raghav for guidance on what to do next. To everyone’s surprise, Raghav presents her with a ring box. Katha feels disheartened, assuming Raghav wants to marry her, but is shocked when he reveals that the ring inside is the one Viaan used to propose to her. Raghav recites a love poem and encourages Katha and Viaan to start anew by giving them the ring. This emotional moment leaves Katha and Viaan staring at each other. Raghav credits Ehsan for his role in bringing them together, and everyone shares in the joy and emotion of the moment.

Vanya questions Ehsan about his plan, wondering why he didn’t inform her. Ehsan explains that he didn’t want to miss seeing her adorable angry smile. Katha worries that her decision will hurt Ruhi and considers changing her mind, but Raghav reassures her that everything will be fine and calls out Ruhi. Ruhi, Aarav, and Vikram join them, and Ruhi and Katha share a heartfelt hug.

Raghav recalls his conversation with Vikram, where he convinced him to let Katha realize that marrying Raghav is not the right decision because she loves Viaan. He also assured Vikram that he will handle Ruhi’s emotions. Ruhi expresses her gratitude to Raghav for helping her understand the difference between love and fear, leading her to choose the love she has for her family. Katha is moved by this and promises to always be there for Ruhi as a mother. Viaan silently expresses his gratitude to Raghav, and they share a smile.

Katha takes Aarav’s hand and advises him to express his feelings of disappointment and anger towards her and Viaan if he believes they have done something wrong. Aarav remains silent, and Viaan tries to communicate with him but hesitates due to Aarav’s reaction. Raghav watches them closely, recalling a previous encounter with Aarav where he intentionally provoked him by criticizing Viaan’s parenting. However, Aarav defends Viaan and admits that he misses him. Raghav encourages Aarav to forgive Viaan and accept him back into their lives, emphasizing the need to stop Katha from making a mistake.

Later, both Katha and Viaan appear happy. Viaan apologizes to Katha for leaving her in a vulnerable state, and Katha shares her fears with him. They promise never to leave each other’s side. One year later, Viaan enters the office with Ruhi and Aarav, who engage in a playful argument about their plans. Viaan suggests an idea that convinces both of them. Jeetu bhai arrives with the news that they have secured the Sydney project, bringing joy to Viaan. Ruhi and Aarav leave with Neha to have cheese pizza, while Viaan meets Katha in his cabin. Katha shares her medical report, revealing that she is pregnant, which surprises and moves Viaan. They share a warm embrace with smiles on their faces.

The end.


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