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Kavya 28th December 2023 Written Update: Kavya insults Pradhan’s family

Kavya 28th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Rajiv throwing Adi out of his house, which angers Giriraj. Rajiv insists that Giriraj takes Adi and leaves. A heated argument ensues between Rajiv and Giriraj, resulting in Rajiv grabbing Adi by the collar and demanding that he leave. Omi intervenes and pushes Rajiv away, causing him to fall to the ground. Kavya arrives and slaps Omi for disrespecting Rajiv, defending him. Malini reminds Kavya that she is crossing the line, but Kavya retaliates by accusing Malini’s family of crossing the line. Adi reminds Kavya that Malini has always supported her, but Kavya continues to criticize Malini. Malini expresses her disappointment in Kavya’s behavior, leading Kavya to claim that they will never understand her perspective due to their different backgrounds. Kavya declares that she cannot be with someone who does not respect her work.

Kavya accuses Adi of betrayal, but Adi counters by reminding her that she betrayed him. Adi presses Kavya for an explanation as to why she is behaving this way. When Malini attempts to intervene, Kavya pushes her away. Adi warns Kavya that he won’t tolerate any further insults towards his mother. Kavya asks Adi to leave, stating that she cannot be with someone who does not value her work. Adi also reveals that he cannot be with someone who sees love as an obstacle to her goals. Adi walks away from Kavya.

Giriraj approaches Kavya and commends her acting skills. He informs her that while Adi has been released on bail, he has not been proven completely innocent. Giriraj warns Kavya that if she goes back on her word, Adi will end up in jail. He later provides Kavya with information about the alcohol mafia. Kavya assures Giriraj that if he breaks his promise, she will teach him a lesson. Kavya then leaves.

Kavya seeks out Rajiv and expresses her gratitude for his help. It is revealed that Kavya asked Rajiv for assistance in completely destroying Adi’s hope in their love. She admits that she couldn’t have done it without him and leaves. Giriraj and his family return home.

Omi speaks ill of Kavya, leading to Adi’s anger. Malini intervenes to defuse the situation, and Adi leaves, reflecting on what transpired. Omi vows to seek revenge on Kavya, but Giriraj assures him that there will be plenty of opportunities for revenge in the future. Giriraj then dances to celebrate Adi and Kavya’s downfall.

Adi vents his frustration at home, and Malini comforts him. Meanwhile, Anjali comforts Kavya. The episode ends.

In the upcoming episode, Kavya will use the information provided by Giriraj to expose the alcohol mafia and receive the change maker award. Adi approaches Kavya for an interview as a journalist and asks her about the sacrifices she made to reach her current position.


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