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May I Come In Madam 11th December 2023 Written Update: Sanjana’s surprise shocks Chedilal

May I Come In Madam 2nd December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Chedilal playing chess alone. Sanjana comes and asks him what he’s doing. Chedilal says something that Sanjana doesn’t understand, but she thinks it sounds like poetry. Chedilal tells Sanjana that he feels lonely and wishes someone was there to express his feelings. Sanjana understands and informs him that Aunt is waiting inside. Chedilal happily rushes to his room, thinking that Sanjana has accepted his relationship with Ramvati. Sanjana follows him.

In Agarwal’s house, Bubbly cries in front of Kashmira and Ramvati without explaining the reason. Ramvati mocks her, but Kashmira warns Ramvati and tries to find out why Bubbly is crying. Sajan enters and Bubbly tries to hug him, but Ramvati stops her. Sajan also asks Bubbly why she’s crying. Bubbly reveals that her mother eloped with another man, which shocks Sajan and his family.

Meanwhile, Chedilal enters the room and is shocked to see a talking doll. Sanjana explains that the doll is the companion she mentioned earlier. She asks Chedilal to pour his heart out to the doll and then leaves. Chedilal gets upset and scolds the doll.

At the same time, the Agarwals are shocked to learn about Bubbly’s mother eloping with a milkman who used to give them extra milk every day. Sajan taunts Ramvati, but Kashmira defends her and says that Ramvati only loves her father. Bubbly asks Kashmira not to scold Sajan. Ramvati receives a call and leaves the place blushing. Kashmira consoles a crying Bubbly after Sajan leaves.

Later that night, Chedilal arrives at the Agarwal’s house. Bubbly notices and calls Kashmira. Sajan and Kashmira argue with each other for receiving a late-night call. Kashmira answers the call and learns from Bubbly about an intruder in their house. Kashmira gets shocked and informs Sajan about the intruder. They both decide to catch the thief and go to Ramvati’s room with wooden sticks.

Meanwhile, Chedilal goes to Ramvati’s room window and throws a flower to wake her up. Ramvati wakes up and sees Chedilal there. She wakes up Bhupesh and asks him to bring her a cup of coffee. Bhupesh refuses, but Ramvati persuades him, reminding him of her taunts about his coffee. Ramvati pretends to send him out. Kashmira and Sajan attack Bhupesh, thinking he’s the thief. They are shocked to realize it’s Bhupesh and inform him about the intruder.

Chedilal enters Ramvati’s room. Before they can spend some quality time together, Kashmira knocks on the door and tells Ramvati about the thief. Chedilal covers himself with a saree and sits on the bed. Sajan breaks the door and enters the room with Kashmira and Bhupesh. Ramvati lies to them, introducing Chedilal as her friend Lalita. Chedilal exposes himself, shocking Ramvati.

Later, Kashmira shouts at Chedilal for his act. Bhupesh tries to hit him, but Ramvati stops him. Sajan takes Chedilal’s side when Kashmira asks him to call Sanjana. Sajan calls Sanjana and asks her to come to his house. Sanjana arrives drunk and hugs Sajan, leaving him happy and confused. Kashmira is shocked.

In the upcoming episode, Kashmira refuses to believe Sajan’s words about Chedilal and Ramvati’s relationship. She also questions Sanjana for hugging Sajan. Later, Ramvati confesses that she and Chedilal love each other, which shocks Kashmira and Bhupesh.


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