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Pushpa Impossible Upcoming Story: Bapodara makes Pushpa spill the beans

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Pushpa Impossible is an entertaining show on Sony SAB that is currently showcasing an intriguing storyline. In the latest development, Bapodara gives an ultimatum to Pushpa, which adds to the suspense.

Previously, Prathna prepares to visit Pushpa’s house, but Bapodara informs her that there are still two hours remaining. He expresses his intention to send her with Susheela’s Sthree Dhan, but he is concerned that his reputation will be tarnished if it is discovered that he has given fake jewelry. To divert attention, Bapodara pretends to suspect Chirag of stealing Susheela’s jewelry. Prathna defends Chirag, but Bapodara insists that the police will handle the matter.

Meanwhile, Pushpa overhears Bapodara accusing Chirag and decides to reveal the truth. She discloses that Susheela gave her money to pay Ashwin’s penalty. Bapodara admits his awareness of the situation and admits that he did this to force the truth out.

Bapodara then demands that Pushpa pay Rs 40 lakhs within three days, threatening to involve the police if she fails to do so. Alternatively, he suggests that she sell her house to him. This creates a tense situation for Pushpa.

In the upcoming episode, a doctor announces an emergency and the need for an immediate operation. However, Ashwin, whose signature is required, cannot be reached. Pushpa takes on the responsibility as Deepti’s mother-in-law and requests the doctor to proceed with the operation.

When Ashwin finally arrives, he is confronted by Manish and Sonal about Deepti’s sudden condition. Sonal slaps Ashwin and tells him to leave.

What will happen next? Will Ashwin realize his mistake? All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes of Pushpa Impossible.

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