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Suhaagan 13th December 2023 Written Update: Payal’s cunning move

Suhaagan 13th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode of Suhaagan begins with Dadi requesting Bindiya to untie her hand. Bindiya lies down on the bed, and Dadi joins her. Bindiya sings a lullaby to put Dadi to sleep. Krishna asks Baldev about Dadi’s strange behavior. Baldev reveals that Dadi has a dark past that they can’t even imagine. He had kept it a secret from them. Indu asks if they should find out about Dadi’s past, to which Krishna agrees. He believes that there should be no secrets within the family. Baldev had planned to share the truth once they grew older, but Bindiya hears their conversation and closes the door. She realizes that she can’t harm Dadi.

Meanwhile, Bindiya overhears Payal threatening Nidhi not to reveal her truth to anyone. Payal warns Nidhi to stay silent if she wants to avoid crossing her path. Bindiya confronts Payal, calling her a liar and even more poisonous. She warns Payal that her truth will come out one day. Payal, confident in her ability to manipulate Krishna, dismisses Bindiya’s claims. However, Bindiya remains determined to reveal the truth to Krishna, despite him kicking her out of the house.

Bindiya recounts how fate found a way for her to enter the house again, leading to heated arguments. She believes that one day, Krishna will realize who truly cares for him. Payal notices a shadow and falls at Bindiya’s feet, begging for mercy. Payal confesses to killing her own baby and pleads with Bindiya not to harm her. Krishna arrives and protects Payal, refusing to listen to Bindiya’s explanation. Payal lies, accusing Bindiya of wanting to kill her. Dadi enters the scene and mistakes Payal for Kaveri, declaring her intention to kill her. Bindiya and Krishna try to stop Dadi, but she bites both of them. The commotion brings everyone to the room. Indu scolds Bindiya for allowing Dadi to leave her room and demands that she stays inside until morning.

Bindiya feels pain in her hand, and Krishna, reminded of Payal’s miscarriage, becomes angry and leaves. Bindiya breaks down in tears, witnessing Krishna’s pain. She shares her grief with her friend Nikku, who consoles him. Bindiya helps Dadi get ready the next day, and Dadi praises her hairstyle. Bindiya promises to untie Dadi’s hand, but asks her not to get angry with her. Payal enters and opens the door, believing that Dadi hurt Bindiya while her hand was tied. Payal intends to provoke Dadi by mentioning Kaveri’s name. She manipulates Dadi into thinking that Bindiya is Kaveri. Payal unties Dadi’s hand, causing Bindiya to question her actions. Dadi is instructed not to leave Kaveri. Payal points at Bindiya and claims that she is Kaveri.

The episode ends with a cliffhanger as Dadi stabs Bindiya.

Preview: In the next episode, Dadi’s attack on Bindiya takes a dangerous turn.


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