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Suhaagan 7th December 2023 Written Update: Indu lashes out at Bindiya

Suhaagan 7th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode of “Suhaagan” begins with Krishna confronting Payal about her attempts to take away his happiness. Payal expresses her frustration, stating that nobody cares about her or their baby in the house. She feels neglected and believes that everyone only cares about Bindiya. Krishna defends himself, mentioning how he takes care of Bindiya and worries about her well-being. Payal accuses him of neglecting her, saying that he never asks if she has eaten anything or not. She reveals that she had tried to abort the baby, but couldn’t go through with it, as their baby is a symbol of their love. Krishna promises to take care of her and prioritize her from now on.

Meanwhile, Payal falls at Indu’s feet and asks for forgiveness. Bindiya sees this as another one of Payal’s dramas and wonders why she made this decision. Krishna explains that Payal feels left out and believes that her baby doesn’t hold any value in the house due to Bindiya’s presence.

Indu tries to reassure Payal, telling her that she cares for her and the unborn baby more than Nidhi. This statement surprises Sakshi, who questions how Indu can prioritize Payal over her. Indu explains that Payal is important because she hasn’t given them an heir yet, unlike Bindiya. This leads to an argument, with Vickram also expressing his disagreement. Payal is encouraged by Indu’s support and vows to show who does not respect her in the house.

Sakshi shares the entire incident with her mother, feeling hurt and betrayed by Indu’s actions. Payal mocks Bindiya in the kitchen, but Bindiya stands up for herself. Payal taunts her, questioning the absence of Nidhi and Pankaj, and Bindiya refers to her as a devil. Bindiya asserts that the truth cannot be hidden for long, including her fake pregnancy. Payal thinks she is confident but believes she has another card up her sleeve.

Later, Indu confronts Payal about a milk bottle that contains a leaf and could potentially harm her baby. Payal denies any involvement and accuses Bindiya of plotting against her. Bindiya denies any knowledge of the incident and asks the servants for confirmation. Payal manipulates Krishna and Indu against Bindiya, causing Krishna to lash out at her. Baldev defends Bindiya, reminding everyone that she risked her life to save Payal. Payal argues that Bindiya’s behavior changed after she got pregnant. Vickram suggests they all move to Delhi, leaving Payal shocked. Indu agrees with him, stating that she doesn’t want to see Bindiya with them anymore.

The episode concludes with Bindiya’s arrest by the police.


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