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Udaariyaan 7th December 2023 Written Update: Armaan and Aasmaa spend time together

Udaariyaan 7th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Aasmaa revealing that Alia wants to take care of all of Raja’s basic needs alone, including taking him to the rehab center and administering his medications. Raja asks Alia if she is truly willing to do all of this, and she agrees, even vowing to observe the fast. Alia eats a lot so that she won’t feel hungry the next day. Raja enters the room with a lot of food and tries to feed Alia. He advises her to eat enough so that she won’t feel hungry while fasting. Alia, who is already full, tries to make excuses and says she will eat later, running around the room.

Aasmaa also enters the room and forcefully makes Alia eat a lot of food. She asks Raja to take the plate to the kitchen. Aasmaa tells Alia that if she had already eaten, she could have said so. Alia becomes angry and tries to raise her hand at Aasmaa. Aasmaa warns Alia, reminding her that she is the elder daughter-in-law of the house and that everyone listens to her. She adds that it would be easy for her to make Alia leave, but she won’t do it as it would hurt Raja.

Aasmaa challenges Alia to control her actions and words. Armaan arrives and tells Alia not to argue with Aasmaa, as he doesn’t want anything wrong to happen to his wife. He pulls Aasmaa closer and romances with her in front of Alia. Alia becomes jealous seeing them. Aasmaa takes Armaan to the room and tells him that she doesn’t want Alia to cast an evil eye on their love. Alia becomes angry and thinks that Aasmaa has everyone on her side while she is all alone, but she is strong enough.

Raja enters the room with milk and a red rose. He gives the glass of milk to Alia and asks her to give it to him. Alia feels annoyed by his actions. Alia gives the glass of milk to Raja, and he gives her a red rose, saying he knows what happens between married couples on their first night. Alia gets angry and tells him to stop. Armaan tells Aasmaa that they will leave all their problems outside the room and starts romancing with her. Aasmaa playfully teases him back, and they share some happy moments together as the song “Manmarziyan” plays in the background.

Aasmaa and Armaan are shocked when Raja suddenly knocks on their door. Raja presents a sorry card, and a flashback reveals that Alia manipulated Raja to go and ask for forgiveness from Armaan. Raja hugs Armaan and cries, admitting that he has grown up but still has a childlike mind. He says that he can’t even take care of his own wife. Aasmaa realizes that Alia is trying to make Raja feel weak. She encourages Raja when he feels down. Raja falls asleep there. The next morning, Aasmaa throws a bucket of water on Alia, who is still sleeping. She playfully teases her to wake up and perform her first Rasoi ritual. The episode ends with Alia saying that she might fall sick at any moment, wondering how she will cook. Both of them mentally challenge each other.


In the next episode, Raja will attempt to ride a bike and injure himself. Alia will tell Aasmaa that if she continues to challenge her, poor Raja will keep suffering as a result.


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