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Parineetii 7th December 2023 Written Update: Sanju dances with Parineet

Parineetii 7th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Sanju confessing to Neeti that he made a mistake with Parineet, but she forgave him and agreed to marry him. However, Neeti doubts his love for Parineet and believes that he is only pretending. Sanju questions her, asking what her problem is. She divorced him because she believed he loved Parineet, but now she claims he can’t love her. Neeti challenges him to prove his love for Parineet in front of her. Sanju insists that he has changed, as has Neeti, and he is determined to show her his love for Parineet. He invites her to witness the wedding ceremony and watch as he takes the wedding vows with Parineet.

Meanwhile, Chandrika is assisting Parineet, and Parminder asks if she is doing alright. Parineet thanks her for taking care of her like a daughter. Parminder declares that Parineet is indeed her daughter and that she always cares for others. She can’t think badly of anyone. Neeti fails to understand Parminder and decides she can no longer stay in the house as a daughter-in-law. She suggests she could stay as Parminder’s sister, but she doesn’t like the idea.

Sanju arrives and gets down on one knee, asking Parineet to dance with him. Parineet initially refuses, but Sanju insists, and she eventually agrees. He asks her to place her foot on his, and they dance together with his support. Parminder and Chandrika admire their chemistry. Sanju lifts Parineet in his arms and continues dancing with her, leaving Neeti feeling jealous. Parminder remarks to Chandrika that it seems like destiny has brought them together.

Meanwhile, Bebe advises Neeti that she still has time to do something and fight for her rights. Bebe states that she wants Neeti as her daughter-in-law and doesn’t need that betrayer. Bebe stokes Neeti’s anger towards Parineet, and Neeti vows not to leave her and that she won’t let Parineet take Sanju away from her. Neeti considers herself a guest in the house and refuses to allow Parineet to live with Sanju if she can’t have him.

Sanju tells Parineet to take a rest and asks if he is alright. Sanju remembers Neeti’s words and asks Parineet about them. Parineet denies hiding anything from Neeti, but Sanju insists that she can’t lie. Parineet admits that she did hide the truth from Neeti and asks if he doesn’t think Neeti was hurt when she found out. Sanju explains that time changes everything and reveals that he could see Neeti’s true colors when she reacted to the truth. Parineet apologizes on Neeti’s behalf, but Sanju believes that her actions were more than just a small mistake. Parineet assures him that Neeti will come back to him, but Sanju disagrees and tells her that she can’t replace Parineet in his life. Parineet starts coughing, and Sanju goes to get her some water.

Meanwhile, Neeti releases her frustration by breaking things, and Bebe asks her what happened. Neeti declares that she no longer cares about Sanju. Bebe questions if she is willing to give her husband to someone else and suggests that she should seduce him. Later, Neeti notices Sanju in the kitchen accidentally breaking a glass. He apologizes to her, but she questions why he is apologizing. Sanju acknowledges that things have changed between them, and Neeti pleads with him not to be angry with her. She reminds him that they are husband and wife, but Sanju contradicts her, stating that they are no longer together. Neeti expresses shock and insists that her previous words were spoken out of anger. Sanju reveals that he saw her true colors during that moment. Neeti asks if he doesn’t remember who she is and if she is still the same person he once loved.

The episode ends.

Neeti is determined to ruin Parineet’s happiness.


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