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Kavya 7th December 2023 Written Update: Rajiv uses Adi as a negative example

Kavya 7th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Malini approaching Adi and asking him what happened. Adi reveals that Giriraj has warned Rajiv, who in turn warned him. Adi expresses his opinion about Giriraj, and Malini inquires about Kavya’s involvement. Adi shares that Kavya said she would try to convince her father. Unfortunately, Giriraj overhears their conversation and becomes upset. Malini then tells Adi about how Giriraj used to secretly visit her in disguise.

Meanwhile, Kavya prepares herself for her new posting. Rajiv offers to call a cab for her, and Mayank takes a family selfie.

Giriraj advises Malini not to encourage Adi’s madness, warning that if the truth comes out, it will ruin both of their sons’ lives. However, Malini assures Giriraj that she only cares about her son’s happiness.

Later, Adi disguises himself as a cab driver and arrives at Kavya’s house. Kavya gets into the cab, unaware of Adi’s identity. Adi then removes his disguise and surprises Kavya. Kavya questions Adi’s motive for coming in disguise, to which Adi confesses that he wanted to meet her. Rajiv and Mayank join them in the cab, explaining that they need to pay Mayank’s fees, as it is the last day. Rajiv scolds Mayank and warns him not to act like Adi. Kavya asks Rajiv what is wrong with Adi, and Rajiv lists all the negative qualities he sees in Adi. Upset by Rajiv’s comments, Adi drops Kavya off at her office and questions how she plans to convince her father, who clearly dislikes him. Kavya reassures Adi that it will take time, but eventually her father will see the same qualities in him that she does. Adi asks Kavya what those qualities are, and Kavya replies that any girl would be lucky to have a husband like him. Kavya bids Adi farewell and enters her office, where she encounters an old woman holding a number board.

Adi asks Alka to accompany him to buy equipment for Kavya since the government office lacks proper resources. Alka agrees and goes to get ready.

Kavya reports to the government officer, and her colleague greets her and shows her to her seat. However, Kavya’s colleague looks down on her. The attendee then informs Kavya’s colleague that the police have received a tip about an unlicensed liquor shop that they plan to raid. Kavya expresses her interest in joining them, but her colleague advises her to rest and assures her that they will handle it.

Kavya’s colleagues discuss the possibility of an informer within their office leaking information to the police. Kavya, who has extensively researched unlicensed liquor shops, requests to accompany them. However, her colleague believes that theory is different from practice and advises Kavya to first learn the practical aspects.

The episode ends with a precap, where Kavya meets Giriraj Pradhan as an IAS Officer. Kavya informs Giriraj about the prevalence of unlicensed liquor in the area, which has resulted in numerous deaths. Giriraj also comments on the issue. Will Kavya get a chance to prove herself?


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