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Suhaagan 9th December 2023 Written Update: The police arrests Bindiya

Suhaagan 9th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Bindiya expressing to Baldev that the problem is still unresolved. She suggests seeking Nidhi’s help to solve it. Bindiya mentions that Nidhi saved her baby from Payal and sent her away. She plans to call them. Meanwhile, Nidhi is happily conversing with her in-laws. Pankaj’s father remarks that he is finally seeing him happy after a long time and advises him to buy a new house to enjoy a luxurious life. Nidhi, however, admits that she is struggling to understand them. Bindiya informs Baldev that Pankaj is not answering her calls. In the meantime, the doctor informs Krishna that Payal had a miscarriage and couldn’t save the baby. Indu is devastated, questioning why she is being punished. Krishna, filled with tears, requests permission to meet Payal.

Krishna finds Payal pampering a pillow and claiming it to be their baby. He tries to bring her back to reality, explaining that it’s just a pillow. Payal insists that the baby resembles him and asks him to hold it. Krishna becomes emotional, but Payal scolds him for dropping the pillow, accusing him of harming their baby. The doctor arrives and asks Krishna to leave as Payal is still unwell. Outside, Krishna reminisces about his moments with Payal, longing for their baby. He notices newborn babies in the cradle and breaks down in tears.

Krishna examines a sonography, unaware that it belongs to Nidhi. Bindiya tells Baldev that Pankaj and Nidhi are not responding to her calls, so they should meet them in person. Suddenly, the police arrive, arresting Bindiya on the grounds that she pushed Payal down the stairs, resulting in her miscarriage. Baldev questions if there is any evidence against her, but the inspector claims that their family members are the eyewitnesses. Baldev denies the accusation, but the inspector insists they discuss it at the police station. Bindiya is taken away, but Baldev assures her of his support. Meanwhile, Indu worries about Payal, and Sakshi consoles her, understanding her shattered dreams. Vickram comforts Krishna, while Indu demands punishment for Bindiya, considering her a devil.

Indu urges Krishna to ensure Bindiya never forgets the consequences. Bindiya is locked in jail, proclaiming her innocence. The police visit the hospital to take Payal’s statement, but Krishna explains that she is not in the right state of mind to answer their questions. The police inform Bindiya that she won’t be granted bail after Payal’s statement. Payal weeps in front of the police. Baldev assures Bindiya that his lawyer is working to get her out of jail, but the inspector reveals that it won’t be necessary as Payal’s statement supports Bindiya.

Episode ends.

Precap: Krishna kicks Bindiya out of the house.


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